Savvy Sisters spread PR power across state lines

Courtesy of Jamie Levy
Savvy Sisters Media, a public relations company, was founded and is expanding through the work of a university student and two friends.


During junior Jamie Levy’s sophomore year, the interpersonal communication major began handling social media for the catering hall where she worked. She was soon recommended to the hall’s DJ for social media marketing, as well as several other companies. Knowing she could not handle all of the work alone, Levy reached out to close friends for help.

From there, the Savvy Sisters Public Relations group was born.

The business, which its three employees call “Savvy” for short, has three clients: Levy’s first two connections and a Dobbs Creek, N.Y. restaurant called Cedar Street Grill. Gaining this third client made the work Savvy was doing seem more concrete, Levy says.

She works on the business with her cousin Tara Levy, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and her close friend Courtney Gabrus. The Levys bring an understanding of communications to Savvy, Gabrus says, while her own background majoring in psychology at the University of Tampa has helped with the interpersonal side of pitching Savvy to potential clients.

Jamie Levy says the business provides online marketing for businesses, from helping them gain media attention to enhancing their social media presence. Clients can choose different packages depending on their individual needs, from having Savvy manage one to three of the company’s social media platforms, according to the company’s website. Savvy also offers a more flexible and inclusive custom package.

Gabrus and the Levys manage their business from three different states – Delaware, Florida, and New York – keeping in touch over a group message, or talking on FaceTime. They are looking to acquire more clients for their business, a task the Levys undertook this summer.

Starting in July, they went door-to-door in their hometown pitching their public relations services to various businesses, a process Jamie Levy found “fun.” She says the pitching and proposal process can be slow, with many meetings, and it was challenging to get the Cedar Street Grill to take a chance on a company with which they had no prior experience.

The first time the cousins pitched their company to a business, Jamie Levy says she felt it was the start of something new and exciting. She has ambitions for Savvy’s growth, as well.

“I definitely have high hopes to see it one day become a real company and PR agency,” she says.

Tara Levy says Savvy has given her real-world experience, like pitching to clients, that she could never get from a textbook, although her studies in advertising and marketing communications have helped her in the public relations field.

For Jamie Levy, real-world experience motivated her to create Savvy in the first place. She says she felt at home among her peers in the Public Relations Society of America Student Association (PRSSA), and joining the entrepreneurship club has allowed her to network within a like-minded community.

Still, she says the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi has influenced her most of all when it comes to her life as a businessperson, allowing her to hone and become more confident in her skills. With this influence, she was able to land an internship with Tanika Daly PR, where she had writing, pitching and event planning responsibilities that she says gave her the confidence to launch Savvy Sisters PR.

Tara Levy says her ultimate goal is to see where Savvy can go, and where the business can take her.

“The sky’s the limit for me,” she says. “I’m motivated by the possibilities.”

Five years from now, Jamie Levy will be 24, and she says she hopes that Savvy will be operating out of a Manhattan location then, with 50 accounts.

For now, Levy will remain involved not only in the aforementioned business endeavors and extracurriculars, but also with her studies and the Alpha Xi Delta social sorority.

“I’m busy,” she says. “But it’s a good busy.”

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