SGA announces election results: Mia Carbone to be student body president

Mia Cabone
Courtesy of the university’s Student Government Association/THE REVIEW
Mia Carbone, a member of the Blue Hen Party and formerly SGA’s chief justice, will now become the new student body president.

Senior Reporter

On Tuesday, April 28, the university’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced the results of its elections for the 2020–2021 executive cabinet. 

Mia Carbone, a member of the Blue Hen Party, will be student body president. SGA made the official announcement its Instagram page. 

Carbone is a junior with majors in political science and communication interest and minors in public policy and journalism. She has been involved with SGA since her freshman year and is currently the chief justice. 

Previously, Carbone was involved in efforts to institute late night dining options on campus and has been working on a “wellness pantry” that was supposed to begin operation this spring. 

Sophomore public policy major John Cohill, another member of the Blue Hen Party, ran uncontested for the position of executive vice president. He is, therefore, the de facto winner. Cohill has been involved with SGA since his freshman year as well. 

The new vice president of external affairs will be Caroline Klinger. Klinger, a sophomore sociology major, is also a member of the Blue Hen Party. 

Kasiyah Tatem is the only member of the R.E.A.L Party (“Representation for all, equity and excellence for all, the advancement of all, and leadership above all”) to secure a position in the 2020–2021 Executive Cabinet. Tatem, a sophomore political science major, will serve as vice president of external affairs. 

SGA will host another vote to elect senators in the fall. 

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