SGA Elections to be held on Friday, presidency unchallenged

Ben Page-Gil.


For at least the third consecutive year, the Student Government Association presidential candidate will not have a challenger. Ben Page-Gil, a junior communication and political science double major from Highland Mills, NY., will run unopposed. Additionally, executive vice president, vice president of administration and finance and chief justice have one candidate running for each position. There are four candidates running for vice president of university affairs.

Campaigning began on Friday, giving the candidates one week to campaign.

Jessica Borcky, SGA’s outgoing president, said changes to the organization’s constitution made two years ago increased the necessary qualifications required to run for president, which is the reason why the last several presidential elections have seen one candidate run.

Unlike every other position, a presidential candidate must have been a member of SGA’s executive cabinet for at least one year.

“There’s a lot of information that you learn as an executive cabinet member that proves very beneficial once you are president,” Borcky said. “So that’s definitely one of the reasons that limits the number of candidates.”

Currently, Page-Gil is SGA’s vice president of administration and finance. He said increasing student involvement within SGA will be a primary focus next year.

“If we can really galvanize this incoming freshman class to get involved and stay involved, then we can really work on the next freshman class,” Page-Gil said. “Then we’ll have half the university. And if we keep getting the new classes involved, everything will get better from there on out.”

During his term as president, Page-Gil said he hopes to continue implementing a tobacco ban on campus. According to the American NonSmokers’ Rights Foundation, there are currently 811 tobacco-free campuses in the nation.

In 2012, a poll conducted by SGA showed 72 percent of the student body supported making the university a tobacco free-campus. The survey had 2,202 student responses, roughly 13 percent of the total undergraduate student body.

Although the tobacco ban has already been passed through Senate, Page-Gil said no determinations have been made as of yet by campus administrators regarding how widespread the effects of the ban will be.

He said the goal of SGA is to make the entire campus tobacco free, but the policy may start with certain sections of campus banning tobacco and eventually transition into a full tobacco ban in the future.

“I think Delaware is a little behind the ball right now,” Page-Gil said. “There are already a lot of other institutions across the United States that have had the policy enacted for a long time. Our motto is ‘Dare to be First,’ but we weren’t first on this.”

In regard to future policies, Page-Gil said he would “dare to be first” in implementation.

Additionally, Page-Gil said his goals for next year include lowering the cost for tutoring services on campus and to get the university to look into renovating the Morris Library. The library, he said, is too small for the expanding student population to effectively utilize.

Helping Page-Gil push SGA’s agenda will be junior Danielle Imhoff, who is running unopposed for executive vice president, which is the same position she currently holds. Imhoff said she plans to support Page-Gil’s efforts to further implement the tobacco ban.

The duo have known each other since freshman year when they both joined SGA.

“Ben is one of my best friends,” Imhoff said. “It’s been a really nice progression for both of us. We need to keep looking forward and continue to learn things about how to work with one another. I think we’ll be a really good pair.”

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