SGA holds first meeting of the year

Emily Moore/THE REVIEW
Staff Reporter Shannon Murphy sits in on the first SGA meeting of the year.


Students were dressed for success in the Trabant Lounge Wednesday night, when the Student Government Association (SGA) gathered for their first meeting of the 2016-17 school year.

This meeting’s guest speaker was Christine Rawak, the university’s director of intercollegiate athletics and recreation services. She was appointed this year and is the first woman ever to hold the position at the university. The president of student government during her time at college, Rawak discussed her experiences leading up to this year and the ways that students can impact the athletics department.

Communication was the main subject of conversation. With her new position, Rawak intends to work on improving communication and increasing engagement between the university and its students.

“There is currently more of a disconnect than I would like between athletics and the student population,” Rawak said.

SGA senators raised concerns about the lack of awareness of schedules and scores of sports that are less prevalent than the more heavily marketed ones, like football and basketball. Many students were surprised to hear during her presentation that the women’s field hockey team is ranked eighth in the nation, a perfect example of the disparity in recognition.

Rawak took Senate suggestions on how to improve this situation. Among the recommendations were increased activity on social media and in campus presence, through events like giveaways.

“The heartbeat of a university is our students,” Rawak said, noting her belief in the special power of sport to create a community for all members of our university. Rawak stressed her priority of working together with students to address issues and build solutions.

Following remarks from the speaker, the Senate moved on to the next agenda item; two new proposals were moved to vote and were overwhelmingly passed.

The first was an amendment to the SGA constitution that allows for the appointment of two co-senators for the college of engineering.

“We have noticed a lack of connection between students and faculty [in the engineering department]” SGA President Matthew Rojas said.

To ameliorate this situation, the two newly appointed senators will act as liaisons between the college and the Senate and will focus on implementing change through SGA legislation. The second proposal appointed students to academic affairs senator positions for each college.

The SGA Senate will meet again on Nov. 9.

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