Simply Stylish: Pop culture fashion in “Lemonade”


Hannah Worsh

What is pop culture news without mentioning Beyoncé? The singer has been a force to be reckoned with these past couple weeks.

But then again, when is she not?

Beyoncé released her second visual album, “Lemonade,” on April 23. The astounding, hour-long film shared 12 new songs. The tracks are featured on her surprise album that dropped minutes after the film release. The tracks flowed together while being connected with spoken words and poetry written by the famous Somali-British writer and poet, Warsan Shire. The songs were separated into the following themes: intuition, denial, anger, apathy, emptiness, accountability, reformation, forgiveness, resurrection, hope and redemption.

The release left viewers and fans with plenty to process, including myself. I sat down to watch “Lemonade” when it came out and I can’t get some of the visuals out of my mind. I was mainly mesmerized by the outfit choices.

It was apparent that the creation of outfits played a sizable part of Bey’s visual album. Marni Senofonte was the mastermind stylist behind the artistic wardrobe. The two have collaborated in the past on a number of Beyoncé’s other projects.

The film was filled with fashion labels of all price points. Senofonte pulled together some of the coolest looks I have seen in a long time. The outfits reflected the historic, antebellum vibe that was displayed throughout the whole film.

Four particular looks in the film exceeded my idea of perfect. Let’s think back.

Not far into the film, we enter the anger theme. A ticked off Beyoncé busted through double brass doors with water flooding out onto the steps in front of her. It was amazing. Not only did she look powerful and beautiful, but also she was wearing the perfect yellow, ruffled gown. It was a Roberto Cavalli dress from Peter Dundas’ fall 2016 collection. It’s absolutely stunning, and to make the outfit even more breathtaking, Senofonte paired the gown with Saint Laurent “Candy” sandals. I hit rewind on the film so I could look at the outfit one more time.

Beyoncé stood in a parking garage wearing a boss two-piece Yeezy outfit paired with a huge Hood by Air fur. The look matched her attitude while performing “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” In another powerful moment, Beyoncé stood in front of a plantation house with six women standing behind her. The house caught fire, but all I could look at was the Spring/Summer 2016 suit paired with the signature serpent patterned suit.

Finally, she stood alone on a stage in front of her small audience and began to belt “Freedom,” the tenth song on the album featuring Kendrick Lamar. She was wearing an enchanting and flowing white Maria Lucia Hohan dress.

The film was beautiful. The outfits were beautiful. Beyoncé was beautiful. Lemonade was worth watching a million times over.

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