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The 2010s have been an exciting time for Marvel. They have had many successful movies (“Iron Man,” “Captain America,” “The Avengers,” etc.) and were bought out by Disney, allowing them to expand to never-before-explored territories. With the massive influx of movies, has also come a couple of companion Netflix-original TV shows, one of those being “Daredevil.”

Charlie Cox stars as Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil — a blind lawyer by day and crime fighter by night. One of the things that has been so outstanding about Marvel movies released in this decade, is the incredibly high quality in cinematography, acting, writing and special effects. One might think that this quality would be lost in a Netflix-original TV show, but thankfully, “Daredevil” delivers.

The show, set in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, follows Murdock and his legal partner, Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson), as they attempt to get their small-time law firm up and running. They are soon joined by Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll), an energetic and fiery secretary, to aid them in their quest to establish themselves as lawyers.

On the side, however, Murdock is off fighting crime in the streets as his vigilante alter ego, Daredevil. The show follows him as he struggles to fight against the endless sea of gang- and drug-related crime that plagues his city, both by day and by night.

After just having finished season two, which was released earlier this year, I can honestly say that I was blown away. The acting is superb — Cox, Henson and Woll have incredible chemistry that leaks from each scene they’re in together. Jon Bernthal, mainly known for portraying Shane in “The Walking Dead,” plays the deadly Punisher, and he truly steals the show. The Punisher’s troubled past and noble intentions make him the most human character in the whole series, despite the fact that he spends a good portion of his screen time massacring hordes of gang members with various assault weapons. Bernthal does an incredible job of playing The Punisher, and the depth of his character only continues as the season goes on.

As I’m not a comic book buff, I’m not entirely sure as to how accurate the show is in comparison to the original comics. However, there seem to be many favorable reviews regarding the accuracy of the show’s plotline, save for the character of Elektra, Murdock’s former love interest and a deadly assassin. Elodie Yung plays the character, who, apparently, is much more cold and heartless in the comics. Although her time in the TV show does display her as a badass, Marvel-heads do not believe that the character of Elektra was properly portrayed in the show.

Aside from its accuracy in terms of original content, “Daredevil” is a cinematic masterpiece, with each shot perfectly planned. The acting is beyond superb, which seems to be a standard among Netflix-originals as of late. Some of the action scenes can seem a little corny, mainly regarding hand-to-hand contact. However, this can be easily overlooked and doesn’t take away from the overall value of the show.

Even if you aren’t a fan of comics or Marvel in general, “Daredevil” is a fantastic piece of television which will suck you in and keep your eyes glued to the screen throughout the 26 total episodes.

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