“SNL” comedian Pete Davidson warns against college in Perkins Live performance

Pete Davidson Xander Opiyo/THE REVIEW
With a handful of snags, Perkins Live kicks off the fall 2018 semester with a comedic trio of Davidson, pictured here, White, and Velez.

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He walks on stage in a gray University of Delaware hoodie, first premiered on his Snapchat story earlier in the evening. At first look, he looks tired, rugged and like he just woke up from a nap backstage. Pete Davidson looks at the crowd and says “So… Delaware?”

Although the performance was advertised as a 10 p.m. Perkins Live event, Davidson took the stage in the Trabant Multipurpose rooms at about midnight, cracking jokes about the emptiness of Delaware.

“You guys smoke a lot?” Davidson says. “What else are you going to do?

Growing up on Staten Island, Davidson knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a comedian. His career began when he was on shows like “Wild N’ Out” and “Guy Code” on MTV, until he became one of the youngest “Saturday Night Live” (“SNL”) cast members at 20 years old. Recently, he has become more well-known for his engagement to celebrity pop star, Ariana Grande.

His comedy act was intertwined with prepared pieces and jokes he made about the crowd of students. In the very front, there was a series of auditorium chairs that made up the VIP section, filled with those who had gotten their wristbands so early in the day that they’d been waiting for Davidson’s arrival for nine hours.

In fact, many students were told they had to stand in line in Trabant to acquire wristbands for the event, an announcement that was spread through word-of-mouth, so many students were unaware of the last-minute changes. Throughout the evening, students showed up to Perkins in hopes of seeing his performance, only to walk away disappointed when they saw signs saying that his performance was sold-out.

Pete Davidson Xander Opiyo/THE REVIEW

“You guys are a bunch of losers,” Davidson says. “The college performer is never as good as he says he is. Go to that party instead.”

Students in the crowd seemed entertained with his performance, as they repeatedly laughed at his comments about the loneliness of Delaware and how he dropped out of college.

One of his opening acts was Neko White, a stand-up comedian who first started on Tru TV’s “Laugh Tracks.”

“Nobody has as much confidence as a drunk, white woman,” White says. “My next door neighbor, Elizabeth… a nice lady, is peeing between cars one day and I was watching her talk to the police, when she says to the officer, ‘go to hell! You f—— pig!'”

After White’s performance, childhood friend of Davidson and fellow comedian Ricky Velez took the stage. There, he told jokes about how he was going to become a father in 10 days.

“I’m not excited, I’m not,” Velez says. “I was taking a piss the other day and this dad had to bring his child into the stall with him to take a s—, I don’t want to have to do that.”

Velez was reintroduced later on as Davidson called him to the stage so they could share comedic stories about growing up, including a man named Uncle Lou who had started attending Davidson’s events early on.

“He walked up to me and told me I was doing a great job, then he slipped 100 dollars into my pocket, deep enough that he just touched the tip of my d—,” Davidson says.

Before leaving the stage, he and Velez held a question-and-answer session. Questions ranged from inquiries about his life with fiance, Grande, to becoming a successful member of “SNL”.

Earlier in the evening, both men had mentioned that they dropped out of college, so the question on how to be successful prompted them both to start laughing out loud on stage.

“I don’t know,” Davidson says. “You think I know how I got here? I dropped out. Drop out of college!”

The editor would like to give a huge thank you to the student who gave her a wristband, when she was uninformed that she should have waited in line for eight hours to get one, in order to have access to the event. Wherever you are, I hope good things come your way.

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