SPECIAL REPORT: Future tenants of the Lofts still unable to move in

Center Street
Lang Development Group
The Lofts at Center Street, initially slated for completion in August, wont be ready for tenants until October 6th.

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35 days have passed since classes began on Aug. 29, and students who signed leases to live at Lang Development Group’s Lofts at Center Street have yet to move in.

In an email obtained by The Review, dated Sept. 25, Lang informed their Center Street tenants that their move-in date was pushed from Sept. 29 to Oct. 6, citing issues with the building’s gas lines.

This is the fourth time that Lang has delayed their completion date for the Lofts. Lang did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As they wait for their apartments’ completion, students who signed leases to live at the the Lofts have been staying at the Homewood Suites, the Embassy Suites and the Courtyard Marriott.

In a second email obtained by The Review, dated Sept. 27, Lang shared that the students staying at the Homewood and Embassy Suites would be able to remain there until move-in. Those at the Courtyard Marriott, however, were told to wait for another email so that Lang can “discuss options” with them.

Jacob Cushing and Ryan Daly are two students who are currently living in the Courtyard Marriott.

Cushing and Daly said they were given the option to live at the Candlewood Suites, a 41-minute walk from Gore Hall, according to Google Maps, but they opted against this.

“I live close to the area, so I think we’re going to just stay at my house,” Daly said.

Cushing, however, is from Illinois, and his mother has been planning on flying out to help him move in.

“My mom, she had to switch her flight twice now,” he said.

They cited food as their biggest issue. As stated in the first article The Review published about the delays, the Lofts at Center Street offer a full kitchen, equipped with an oven, a stove, a microwave and a full-sized refrigerator.

With limited space for food storage in the hotel rooms, and no microwaves or other means of food preparation, students who planned to use these kitchens to cook meals for themselves are forced into spending extra money eating out at restaurants or buying food from convenience stores.

Despite the costs and inconveniences the delays have caused, Cushing and Daly do not harbor any feelings of animosity towards Lang.

“Lang has been great with the communication, so I’m not mad at them,” Daly said.

Jasnoor Hundal signed her lease to live at the lofts last October — nearly a year ago — and she feels differently.

“I understand that they’re doing everything they can, but at the same time I don’t appreciate their communication because I’ve left voicemails they’ve never responded to,” she said.

Like Cushing and Daly, Hundal was living at the Courtyard Marriot and was told she had to move out.

According to Hundal, who has decided to both commute and stay with friends, depending on the day, Lang gave her the choice to move to the Red Roof Inn — a 42-minute walk from Gore Hall by Google Maps’ estimation.

Despite the fact that the students have yet to set foot in their apartments, Lang asked them to resign their leases for next year.

“We’ve been forced to sign a lease again before having lived in an apartment,” Hundal said. “Which I understand they’ve given us preference, but I’d like to know where I’m living before I have to resign for it.”

According to Hundal, tenants had to know by Sept. 15 whether or not they intended to renew their lease. They were not given the option to wait until they moved in.

Despite this, Hundal did decide to continue to live with Lang next year because she liked the location. “It was just the more convenient option,” she said.

Divyesh Khatri, another student who signed a lease to live at Center Street, is also frustrated with Lang.

“They’re playing games with us,” he said. “They took about three weeks to get the gas line approved. They’ve been talking to us about this for like the last month, so they’ve been doing nothing with it.”

Khatri, as well as other students who will be moving to the Candlewood Suites will face a window of time where they are homeless. The students had to check out of the Courtyard Marriott on North campus at 12 pm. Saturday, Sept. 30, but could not move into the new South campus hotel until 3 pm., leaving a 3 hour window where they will have nowhere to go and nowhere to store their possessions.

With the Oct. 6 move-in date approaching, Khatri and his fellow tenants at the Lofts are hoping that this will be their final move-in date.

He echoed what seemed to be the dominant sentiment. “We’re just getting tired of it at this point.”

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