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Eric Morrison
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Eric Morrison is a Democratic candidate for the Delaware State House of Representatives.

My name is Eric Morrison, and I am a 1996 graduate of the University of Delaware Honors Program, leaving UD with an English major, a concentration in Ethnic & Cultural Studies, a history minor, and an Advanced Honors Certificate. Since graduation, I have worked in education, Medicaid and human resources.

On May 1, I announced my Democratic candidacy for the Delaware State House of Representatives for the 27th District, in the Newark / Bear area.

Many factors influenced my decision to run for a seat in the Delaware State House of Representatives. For as long as I can remember, I have been very active in my community, including volunteer and leadership positions in various organizations from the age of 13 until today. Over the years, I have helped to raise many tens of thousands of dollars for various local and statewide charities.

In recent years, I have worked diligently as a political, legislative and social activist — organizing educational events, forums and debates for the community; serving on issue campaigns; and putting my “boots on the ground” for many progressive Democratic political candidates. I have knocked doors in the heat, rain and snow; made phone calls; placed signs; represented candidates at events; and played leadership roles in campaigns.

I have learned a great deal about the legislative process and how to best represent everyday Delawareans. Today, the call to public service has never been stronger for me. Rarely in American history have we so desperately needed bold leadership in elected offices at all levels — from city and county councils, to state legislatures, to the national stage.

I am challenging a six-term Democratic incumbent who does not stand for some of the most basic tenets of the Democratic Party. In 2017, he voted against a woman’s right to choose, should Roe v. Wade be overturned at a federal level. In 2013, he voted against same-sex marriage. In 2017, he abstained from voting on a bill banning “conversion therapy” for LGBT minors. He has also cast some disappointing votes regarding protecting our precious and unique environment, and has consistently placed charter schools above public schools.

Furthermore, in the last election cycle, 76% of my opponent’s campaign contributions came from Political Action Committees (PACs), special business interests, corporations, and companies. I am proud that every single contribution we have received has come from individual donors. In fact, we refuse to accept money from business PACs and special interests, corporations and the fossil fuel industry. Regarding funding and volunteers, we are running a true grassroots, people-powered campaign.

Given that the 27th District has twice as many registered Democratic voters as Republicans, we deserve a state representative who stands for Democratic Party principles. Also, we know from already knocking on the doors of over 1,500 district residents, that they want a state representative who will fight for modern, progressive ideals like cannabis legalization and the expungement of cannabis-related charges from the records of affected Delawareans, criminal justice reform, healthcare reform, overhauling how we fund our public schools and addressing the student loan crisis and ensuring that any young person who wants to attend college or trade school can do so.

If you are interested in joining an exciting, grassroots, progressive Democratic campaign, we would love to hear from you. There is truly something for everyone, regardless of time or talents. We are passionate about welcoming young people into the political process, especially given that so many young people today struggle to feel hope for their futures. Working together, we can address critical issues courageously and successfully, in ways that benefit everyday Delawareans. If I did not believe that, I would not be running for the Delaware State House of Representatives.

Eric Morrison can be reached via his election campaign website or on Facebook, or at

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