Stay Tuned: Trebel music app to launch this month

Courtesy of the Mekikan family.
Trebel, a new music service, will come to campus this month.


The creation of forthcoming music service, Trebel, was a family affair.

Gary Mekikian, founder and CEO of Trebel Music’s parent company M&M Media, Inc., has been developing the app for two years with his daughters’ suggestions.

Juliette, 17, and Grace, 15, came to their father with the idea for a legitimate music download service. The app’s functions include unlimited music storage, on- or off-line streaming availability, zero-data music and ad-free listening.

“It’s a more safe music environment,” Juliette Mekikian, co-founder of M&M Media, Inc. says.

Students piloted the app at a few universities with the goal of further interface design prior to its proposed Sept. 18 launch. The app’s creators have chosen the university, along with a handful of other large, socially active campuses, to engage in its creators’ excitement for the launch of its first version.

The interface of the new app, Trebel, was founded and developed by high school and college students.

“By millennials for millennials,” Gary Mekikian says.

The app uses information based on the number of downloads to build strong social networks around musical tastes that will grow over time, he says.

“We’re proud to have built a system that supports the artists, gives young people the music they need and want when they can least afford it and also creates communities,” he says.

Young people make a time investment to download music, Mekikian says, so it’s different than streaming.

The social media aspect of the app is meant to create natural communities based on user action and activity. Each user is affiliated with their university, which allows them to view trending songs or albums on campus and search music by mood categories such as chill, study, pregame, romance, heartbreak, throwback, electronic and dance.

Even after leaving the university, users can enter the app and view the music trending on their campus. It also has features that show alumni closest in age or distance to the user and allows the user to view their music choices.

“I think that the marketplace is just really right right now for a service like this,” Corey Jones Chief of Product for M&M Media, Inc. says. “We’re filling a very specific need and that’s to legitimize the consumption of ‘free music.’”

Trebel prides itself on being a free way for people to obtain music while the artist is also compensated. Working directly with label heads, artists are paid by their label, as opposed to being deprived of their livelihood by illegal music downloads from conversion sites.

Virtual currency is earned by listeners consuming ads and is collected in the form of coins. When music is previewed, downloaded or played, these coins pay for uninterrupted music listening, making the service free.

When music plays, a spinning disk design allows users to scratch the disk and skip forward or backward.

The social media aspect of the app allows users to follow others’ profiles or playlists and to color-customize their own profiles. Tabs provide listeners with the lyrics and music video for the song they are currently playing.

The app is set to reach 3,000 college campuses and 30,000 high schools by the end of 2016.

“There isn’t a single feature in this app where we didn’t deliberate over it after receiving feedback,” Jones says. “So I can confidently say that every single thing here has been very well thought out.”

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