#TBT: Students bare all in the '70s for "Go Naked Week"


Long before the days of ice buckets and acts of charity via Facebook, the campus faced a different sort of challenge.

Go naked.

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The Review archives
Students frolic naked on The Green by Memorial Hall.

Students sported their birthday suits in 1970 for “Go Naked Week” which was proposed by student Frank Buchman, self-designated “un-chairman” for the organization. The weeklong celebration of nudity was prompted by Buchman’s notice of “distasteful commercial exploitation of sex,” according to a May 4, 1970 article written by reporter Kate Boudart.

“Nudity is simple and innocent,” Buchman told The Review.

Students did not, however, bare all in classes. In fact, Buchman urged students to avoid getting arrested for indecent exposure, instead suggesting group activities such as nude study sessions and naked evening walks.

Just three years later, the Student Activities Committee sponsored another Naked Week during which Harrington Hall residents stripped their clothes for a game of “au naturale” frisbee on Harrington Beach. The Naked Weeks occurred in the midst of the ‘70s streaking fad in which university administrations everywhere from Harvard University to University of Colorado were met with naked dashers.

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