The fetching dogs of Newark!

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If you are a cat person, please skip ahead to the next article. Before you proceed any further, here is your warning: this article contains a vast level of cuteness that may be difficult for readers to comprehend, so continue reading at your own risk.

dogs of newark chessieNushi Mazumdar/THE REVIEW
Chessie, a ten-month-old rescue dog poses with her owner.

Chessie is a 10-month-old rescue dog originally from Alabama. Chessie now belongs to Shannon, an emergency room nurse, who based Chessie’s name off of the place she met her husband, the Chesapeake Inn.

dogs of newark zeus Nushi Mazumdar/THE REVIEW
Zeus flashes a smile for the camera.

Despite his large size, Zeus is only 7-months-old. This great dane is owned by Art, an artist. Zeus spends his free time with his best friend Chelsea, the beagle, when he visits Glasgow Park at 6:00 a.m.

mister dogs of newark Nushi Mazumdar/THE REVIEW
Jackson, a five year old rescue dog, is extremely athletic.

Jackson is a 5-year-old rescue dog. He is a true pack animal and likes piling on top of you, even though he is 55 pounds. He likes to play ball and hopes to pursue soccer professionally. He is a very happy dog and shows his affection with constant licks.

dogs of newark jacksonNushi Mazumdar/THE REVIEW
Mister’s owner, Brian, credits Mister with helping him manage his weight.

On the other hand, Mister is at the ripe old age of seven. Brian, Mister’s owner, credits his four-legged friend with saving his life. Brian had been struggling with obesity, and owning Mister encouraged Brian to start walking at Glasgow Park after a long break. Brian is extremely grateful to Mister for helping him through his struggles.

“If I didn’t have Mister, I’d still be overweight,” Brian says. “Mister looked out for me the way I look out for him.”

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