The Green is gone

SouthGreen Mitchell Patterson /THE REVIEW
The construction which has closed off a large portion of the South Green is set to continue until mid-March.

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The South Green is currently anything but green.

It is instead a shredded brown hole, fenced from pedestrian view and at times accompanied by a slight stench.

The university’s South Green has been under heavy construction for the past two months. Peering over the black fenceline, one can watch excavators and bulldozers dig up the Earth. Teams of workers ferry equipment in on trucks all through the day, and the whole of the South Green is immersed in the noises of heavy machinery and the stench of what may or not be, but probably is, sewage waste.

The area between Memorial Hall and the fountain was fenced off in mid-December, and since then construction crews have begun excavations under The Green. According to Marcia Hutton, the university’s director of planning and project delivery, the construction on the South Green represents just one phase of a larger infrastructure project on central campus, which began last summer and will likely persist into next year.

The goal of this construction is to upgrade central campus’ utilities infrastructure, which has become aged and inefficient.

This undertaking began in July 2018, when new electrical wiring was installed between Sussex, Robinson and Warner Halls. However, the primary aim of this yearlong project is to install improved chilled water and condensed steam piping on the South Green. These pipes will conduct cold and hot water to different buildings.

Presently, construction crews are working to install chilled water piping from the maintenance facilities located at 200 Academy Street to Cannon Hall. This is expected to be completed either in March or early-April.

Photo courtesy of the university’s Office of Planning and Project Delivery./THE REVIEW
This diagram shows the extent of the planned construction currently occurring on the South Green.

The fenced areas will expand in April once construction crews begin installing steam pipes from the maintenance facility to the Morris Library. The installation of new chilled water pipes between Cannon Hall and Robinson Hall and between Lammot DuPont Lab and Memorial Hall will also begin in April.

Later this year, in November, construction crews will begin further digging on the South Green to install new chilled water and steam piping from Morris Library to Robinson Hall, Warner Hall and Sussex Hall. Construction there is not expected to conclude until March 2020.

Mitchell Patterson/THE REVIEW
Utility renovations on the South Green began last year and will continue into mid-2020.

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