The Indian Sizzler: Is it really that bad?

Evan Tridone/THE REVIEW
Claiming to be “the best Indian food in Newark,” Staff Reporter Evan Tridone reviews the notorious Indian Sizzler.

Staff Reporter

In a small, quaint, dimly lit building on Main Street sits the Indian Sizzler, a restaurant whose website claims the title of best Indian in Newark. This website also spelled vegetable as “vagetable,” so I had mixed expectations while walking to see what this place was all about.

The inside was set up with a counter at the back and a few rows of tables and booths in the middle of the small restaurant. Mirrors were on both walls, with the buffet in the back left corner. The customer service was nice, and they even accepted the 20% off coupon I got online. I left the restaurant feeling hopeful about my meal to come.

The menu for the Indian Sizzler is typical Indian food, with items like chicken 65, samosa and chicken tikka sizzler being highlighted as their best dishes. The price ranges from $7 to $15, and desserts are around $5 each.

After the long walk, I was finally able to sit down and crack open the containers carrying my chicken 65, chicken curry and gulab jamun. The meal in total cost $26, which was a lot considering the portion sizes.

I started with the appetizer, the chicken 65. It was decently spicy, but much less crispy than I expected judging by the pictures on the website. A medley of spicy chicken and vegetables, the Chicken 65 was decent at best. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it just wasn’t good. It was also expensive for the portion size at $7.

Next up was the chicken curry — one of my favorite meals. It did not look appetizing and ended up tasting worse than it looked. It was some of the worst chicken curry I’ve ever had. Period. The chicken was very dry, which made it hard to eat without reaching for some ice-cold water. It was drowned in an almost tasteless curry sauce, which was disappointing, since curry is typically a fantastic flavor.

When I finally got to dessert, it was a big payoff, rewarding my taste buds for their endurance. After suffering through my $14 Chicken Curry, I dug into the gulab jamun. Covered in delicious honey, the gulab jamun tasted delectable. However, it was still $4 for 4 of them.

The prices at the Indian Sizzler did not justify the food, or the portion sizes for that matter. If you’re a broke college student like me, you should probably just wait for the chicken tikka masala in the dining hall.

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    x 1 year

    This article spelled back as “bac” so I had mixed expectations about the writing of the review.

  • comment-avatar
    Scott 1 year

    It’s pretty tasteless to poke fun at a misspelling on a website set up by someone that (I think) is a first generation immigrant business owner, but the fact that you followed it up by misspelling the word “back” is pretty great. 

  • comment-avatar
    Ben 1 year

    There’s a lunch buffet for $12 ya dingus

  • comment-avatar
    Olivia 1 year

    Who goes to Indian Sizzler for dinner or take-out?? Their lunch buffet is $12 and you can eat as much as you want. They also will bring you fresh naan straight to your table if they see that you like it. If you are smart and know when to go, this is one of the most affordable places on Main Street – if I eat at the buffet I usually don’t need dinner that night. This is ridiculous “reporting” and should have been looked into further before carelessly posting.

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