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Saturdays are wondrous. It is undoubtedly the only day you don’t forcibly remove yourself from bed. Instead, you get up, get dressed and drink until oblivion.

It’s a skill, though, to get to the part where you start drinking. It’s all dilly-dallying and dragging along, but the preparation for the day should be one of the best parts.

The only thing is — Friday night gifted you with a Saturday morning hangover. It’s not your fault. Friday should be treated with as much respect as Saturday.

Here are the only tips you’ll need to make it through the Saturdage successfully and happily:

Prep time: When you get home on Friday night — no matter your state of mind — drink two cups of water. Down them. This will ease the Saturday morning hangover that you’re bound to be battling.

Actually get up. Snoozing that alarm is only a tease. You know it, I know it, your roommates know it. Those pancakes downstairs that you’re smelling — they don’t deserve to be snoozed.

Shower. Starting the day off cleaner is just better for the rest of us, and a better hair day is a better day in everyone’s book.

Blast that speaker: during breakfast, during the shower, during the hair drying and the makeup. Blast it. My recommendation: Spotify’s playlist called “pop chillout.”

My biggest piece of advice: make getting ready the pregame’s pregame. It’s the best. Upstairs, with your roommates and some light dancing.

Pour only what you can handle. Yeah, that empty water bottle seems like it can hold more alcohol than you’re willing to drink — DO NOT overpour. You’re going to be going from frat to frat drinking beers and then to the bars to drink hard liquor, and you don’t need to be blacked out at the pregame.

Let loose. It’s all I hope you’ll do. Begin the dance party at the pregame. Stand on chairs. Make noise. Belt your heart out. Tip: throwbacks like “(You Drive Me) Crazy” by Britney Spears and “Without Love” from Hairspray are my house’s personal favorites.

Know to always be with someone or have your eye on your friends when talking to the people who don’t care about where you end up. The people you came with should be the people you leave with — unless you somehow manage to fall in love under bright and sweaty sunlight, but hey, it happens.

If you plan on rallying for Saturday night (which you should because you’re young), DO NOT nap. Napping is the end-all. It may not seem like it, but if you are drunk and then take a nap, it’s guaranteed that your chances of rallying will drop 70 percent. Avoid the temptation to nap with snacks, fresh air and social interaction. TV is like a toddler’s lullaby — avoid at all costs. It’ll just make you want your jammies and a pillow.

Take pictures. Remembering after the fact is the best part, and these memories are ones you’ll want to keep.

Day drinking can be one of the highlights of college. Beautiful weather and beautiful people. As a freshman it takes a while, but being a washed up senior, waking up to day drink is the easiest wake up call I’ve ever known. Enjoy it, cheers to it. And as my roommates and I like to toast: “cheers to the Governor of Southern California.” (May there be or may there not be a governor there, we do not know or care.)

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