‘The Perfect Blend’ of sweet and savory: a review of Main Street’s waffle cafe

the perfect blend
Christine McIntosh/THE REVIEW
“Regardless of your taste in sweet or non-sweet, you are guaranteed to find something you will enjoy immensely.”.

Staff Reporter

The Perfect Blend is named this way for a very good reason.

The atmosphere, food, drinks and people create a charming, welcoming and friendly location to satisfy your sweet tooth and coffee cravings. We were met by two lovely ladies, whose smiles made us feel welcome and immediately at home, much like the interior design choices of the rooms.

The menu on two large chalkboard walls added a lovely touch of artistry and childish glee as we
decided which of the many options would make the best combination of tastes for the Belgian Waffle.

I am partial to M&M’s, apple butter and honey so my waffle was going to
encompass all three. The options available ranged from fruits to bacon. Regardless of your taste in sweet or savory, you are guaranteed to find something you will enjoy immensely.

We decided to add a cappuccino to the order, which we received first. It was the perfect blend of coffee, foam and heat to make our stomachs thank us for the decision to order them.

The waffles themselves were a magical experience, but I admit that my sugary choices left me struggling to finish. The waffle itself was not too sweet. Because of this, it was a perfect base to build a meal, snack or dessert on. The breading of the waffle was a perfect blend of a fluffy interior and an ideal amount of crustiness on the exterior to make sure there wouldn’t be a sticky mess while chewing.

While I wished the plates and cups would have been reusable, it is understandable that a small, family-owned place like this would prefer the compostable versions in order to focus their energy on making these delicious fares. Their focus on making each and every plate the perfect combination of ingredients that the customer desires is obvious in the details of the shop, attitudes and food. The perfect blend of service, tastes and ambiance makes The Perfect Blend a one-of-a-kind destination on Main Street.

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