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Quarantine blues boredom busters to entertain you during this indefinite global shutdown.

It’s the end of the world. Or at the very least, the end of the world as we know it for the time being. With a two-week long spring break and a forthcoming semester riddled with uncertainty and the inability to return to campus, tensions are running high. Many college students are back where they never imagined themselves before: living with their parents. Worse yet, they find themselves unable to go out with their friends. Nevertheless, the university and the country as a whole have decided that it is best for the American people to engage in social distancing to avoid spreading coronavirus. As hard as it is right now, it is imperative that we follow these initiatives in order to protect the most vulnerable among us and hopefully slow the spread of this often deadly disease. So what exactly can you do with all of this free time? Well, The Review has some ideas to get you started…

Learn all the lyrics to that song you always pretend to know but really don’t | Talia Brookstein-Burke, Assistant Mosaic Editor
Is there anything cooler than knowing all the lyrics to the rap from Justin Bieber’s 2009 hit, “Baby?” No. Definitely not. Unless it’s knowing all the words to “Fergalicious.” Or perhaps being able to bust out “Low” by Flo Rida without hesitating. This is the time you have been waiting for, the time to elevate your status both in the dirty frat basements that await you this fall and in the mind of music connoisseurs everywhere.

Finally write your autobiography | Talia Brookstein-Burke, Assistant Mosaic Editor
This is one of those moments in time that will likely be heavily analyzed in history textbooks for centuries to come. High schoolers will make triangle diagrams to explain the spread of coronavirus and write economic analysis meant to prevent future stock market crashes. Historians will mock our ignorance, wondering how we could have been so silly as to celebrate St. Paddy’s day instead of quarantining ourselves to prevent the demolition of the human race. And almost certainly, these academics will be required to include a “primary source.” Make their job a little easier. Create an easy-to-read, step-by-step, primary source autobiography that really outlines your life so they understand just what the population was working with.

Open your freaking email | Sam Ford, Visual Editor
You are a college student who hasn’t even opened their udel email once, except when to plead with a professor to change your grade even though you have done no actual work. Your email has 3,000+ unread emails and some of them date all the way back to when you first started at the university. And that’s all only in your inbox, we haven’t even gone into your spam folder yet. We don’t want to touch that. You never respond to emails from your professor or classmates pleading for you to finally do your part in your group project. You are a leech of society. Well, little leech, now you have the opportunity to fix all of that! There’s no longer a way for you to make it through your classes just by showing up. All classes are going to be online for the rest of the semester, and this is just the calm before the storm to set aside some time to organize your email. For the sake of your education, and all of us students who are forced to work with you, don’t avoid your goddamn email inbox email any longer.

Go outside, move your body | Bianca Thiruchittampalam, Managing Mosaic Editor
When I first found out about the “new spring break” and the impending closure of campus, I’ll admit that I panicked — and for all the wrong reasons. I was going to turn 21 on a ghost campus, there would be no more parties, there would be no more friends, no more debauchery and no more fun (looking back on it, it’s a little troubling that I considered these things to be the high points of my college life). The thought of having to spend time alone — with myself, perhaps the scariest person to spend time alone with — sent me on a bender. That morning, I sat on my porch and later went for a walk. I had forgotten that in spite of coronavirus and campus evacuations, nature does a beautiful thing: It goes on. All of the hallmarks of spring — the birds chirping, a gentle breeze on the trees, the petals of the cherry blossoms — persist, completely oblivious to the national panic we are all embroiled in.

Be a high-schooler again | Caleb Owens, Burnt Out Has-Been
Things got weird when I realized I was listening to Radiohead.

Laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, worried the Karma Police were coming to get me, it felt so … familiar, but foreign.

Then I picked up my tennis racket, last touched at the 2014 Sectionals match and started volleying against the brick back wall of my house.

Before I knew it, I was back inside, drumsticks in hand, practicing … paradiddles?

I haven’t touched a book in days. I’m going on long runs. I’m cooking sweet potatoes.

I’m in high school again, and it’s fucking awesome.

Play with your pets | Rachel Sawicki, Senior Reporter
I am constantly asking my parents to send me pictures and videos of my cats while I’m away. For me, they’re honestly the only reason I ever enjoy going home. My one cat, Abby, has some separation anxiety from me so being home for the next couple months is going to be a relief for her (and me because, let’s face it, I’ve got separation anxiety too).

Now is a great time to give your pets some undivided attention they may or may not have been lacking before. They’ll love you all the more for it.

Take a Break! Time is NOT Money︱Yusra Asif, Senior Reporter
Remember every time you cursed while doing an assignment, preparing for a presentation or studying for an exam at 2:00 a.m., and wished “If only I could have a break” or “I need a break so bad, I am this close to a mental breakdown.” Well, you have your break now. I agree that this is not your ideal wish, but if movies have taught us something, it is that wishes do not always come true how we imagine they would.

This break is your chance to do things that you shoved into the “I’ll do it when I have time” box. Learn that dance step that you’ve always wanted to, but you were too caught up in the “work and be productive” ideology. Master cooking the “Thai dish” whose recipe has been saved in your phone for the past 6 months. Complete the poem that you started but never wrote past four lines, clean your closet, go full Marie Kondo on it, clean your shoes ‒‒ your white Nikes could really use that.

These are my suggestions, you may think they are cool or just a bunch of crap. However, I saved my most important idea for the last. Make this unwanted break an opportunity for you to work on your mental health. In our super fast, super competitive world, our mental health gets tossed in the back seat. This is a unique opportunity for you to just sit back and relax, give yourself a break, give your mind some sense of peace, you don’t have to worry about your job or when the next deadline is. This is the simplest, and yet the hardest thing you can do. Just take a break, Time is not money!

Progress in your mastery and completion of the Bon Appétit Recipe Collection | Alexis Carel, Managing News Editor
Everyone loves Bon Appétit, the online and print conglomerate of all things wholesome in the kitchen. Whether you found them through Claire Saffitz or were actually just looking for a really good Strawberry Shortcake recipe, it’s hard to leave the warmth of the test kitchen’s capable arms once you find them.

My first day of self-sanctioned quarantine (thankfully with a friend), more for others’ benefit than my own, I made their Parmesan Risotto. The next day, I made Vegan Sausage, Peppers and Onions. Things progressed quickly to Egg Fried Rice, followed by an Abstract Pasta with broccoli and chickpeas. Is it just me attempting to use all the items in my fridge before I finally make my way home from Delaware? Perhaps. Should you be taking advantage of your frozen, fridge and pantry items? Definitely. Honey, if things continue on the decline you may have to resort to that oddly large multitude of random beans you have on the back shelf, so why not live it up a little via the medium of cooking while you can?

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