American Idol finally euthanized after next season
Despite toiling away for years in complete irrelevancy, American Idol somehow continued to receive support from network FOX until a Monday’s announcement of cancellation. The show will have ran for 15 seasons when it ends. The last truly notable singer to have won the competition was Carrie Underwood back in 2005, though it also produced stars such as Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson during its earlier years.

Punishment deflates Brady, Patriots
A heavy suspension was leveled Monday against the New England Patriots and their quarterback Tom Brady as a response to the recently published Wells Report. The suspensions stem from DeflateGate, in which the Patriots were accused of deflating footballs past the legal limit before the team’s AFC Championship game win. Brady was banned for four games, the team was fined $1 million, and had two picks revoked in upcoming drafts, including next year’s first rounder. The suspension is subject to appeal and will almost certainly be shortened.

Riots erupt in London after election results
A massive Conservative majority overtook the British parliament after their congressional elections last week. Despite the unpopularity of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, the Labour Party suffered a stunning blow, ending the day with just 39 percent of Parliament, while the Conservatives now hold 51 percent. Crowds gathered outside Cameron’s residence, clashing with police and chanting anti-Conservative slogans.

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