Too cool for costumes?

I hunted down a few of these students to truly understand the spirit of Halloween possessing them.

Nushi Mazumdar/THE REVIEW
Who knew banana and sriracha would make such a great pair?

University students often make controversial fashion choices: from pajamas to slouchy sweatpants. However, Halloween has proven to divide students, from those who continue to wear basic clothing to risk-takers willing to step out of the bounds of their fashion comfort zone. From sriracha to Spider-Man, there is no costume idea wild or bizarre enough to deter students from sporting some creative garb.

I scoured the campus for those spooky souls daring enough to wear costumes to class. Clad in an old timey reporter costume myself, I hoped these students willing to dress in a costume would accept me as their own. I took on this daunting task and searched far and wide for these brave individuals. My journey seemed rather bleak, as I discovered the vast majority of students were too cool to wear a costume. All around me was a sea of basic students in leggings and flannel.

Devoid of hope and a bit damp from the rain, I sulked in silence, unsure whether I could catch a student wearing a costume. Luckily, my Halloween turned around, as I found more and more daring students willing to wear costumes. Food, in particular, seemed to be on every student’s mind, as I found students wearing costumes of bananas, eggplants, and donuts. There was also plenty of nostalgia with some students wearing Power Rangers costumes.

I hunted down a few of these students to truly understand the spirit of Halloween possessing them. It was unfathomable for me that students would actually take such effort. Why bother to dress up and try to look different from your peers? Why would you get out of bed and not wear sweatpants?

“I’m TA’ing a class, and I wanted to cheer up the students,” Negin Mohammadmirzaei, a graduate student from Iran who is majoring in Neuroscience and was dressed up as a wolf, said. “[Halloween] is funny, it’s spooky. We don’t celebrate it in my country, though.”

Nushi Mazumdar/THE REVIEW
Look out, here comes Spider-Man! .

Most students agreed, saying that they dressed up simply to brighten other students’ days. They refused to let the rainy, overcast weather spoil everyone’s fun and ensured the spirit of Halloween was intact on campus.

“This is actually kinda my first time. We didn’t actually celebrate Halloween in the Philippines,” Sean Rutor, a sophomore who is studying Neuroscience and was dressed up as Spider-Man, said. “It’s kinda like Christmas in a way. Everyone’s into the spirit. People just wanna dress up, have fun.”


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