Top five apps for new students

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Students can use these five apps to maximizing efficiency in daily routines.

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With the start of the new year upon us, some new students may find getting into university life more challenging than expected. Freshmen face new struggles with keeping up in classes, finding new opportunities or maintaining a healthy social life — anyone could find it overwhelming.

One of the most effective strategies to keeping up this balancing act is to download helpful digital apps.

The following list provides new students with some apps that can help keep everything in order and help with the newfound stress of university life:

1. Handshake
For students looking for job opportunities and internships, Handshake is the university’s way of providing up-to-date positions and listings. Just checking this app a few times a month can help you find offerings that you may miss out on otherwise.

With all the great positions and services offered through Handshake, there is no reason for new students not to start looking as soon as possible. The positions are offered specifically to university students, so be sure to see if there are any positions that interest you.

2. Simple Habit
With the hectic nature of a normal student’s day, it’s easy to let stress take over. That’s why apps like Simple Habit, a five-minute meditation app, can be helpful. Providing students with easy anti-anxiety activities in short time they may actually have to spare, Simple Habit makes managing the stress feel attainable. Using this app for a short period of time daily has helped many students with keeping a clear and focused mind no matter what they’re up against.

3. LiveSafe
LiveSafe, offered through the UD Police, provides students with notifications of dangerous activity on campus grounds as quickly as possible. Students can also use the LiveSafe app to contact campus police over text or over live chat. This extra security lets students know that they are safe at any time at school.

4. Instagram
It’s difficult nowadays for students to stay fully up-to-date with everything going on around them without the assistance of social media, and when it comes to university life, Instagram provides the most help. With most clubs and departments having their own Instagram page, it’s easy for students to find what they need.

Students on Instagram will quickly and easily be able to find pages for most any group they’re considering joining, and even classes and many student services use Instagram to get out information. If you don’t already have Instagram socially, consider downloading for the student benefits. And, of course, to follow The Review @udreview.

5. GoPuff
Our final app is one of the few food delivery services to be found around the university, a lifesaver on those nights when the dining halls already closed and a walk to the P.O.D. is too far. With a large selection of foods and easy fast delivery, for food apps on campus it’s hard to beat GoPuff.

The service, which has only been in Newark for the last year, has quickly rose in popularity with students. If late-night snacking is something that interests you, keep GoPuff in mind.

While there are countless helpful apps to look into, this short list is a good start for most any student. As a person who spends much of the day moving and getting work done, it is always nice to have small applications that, in all these ways, help to keep life just a bit more organized and manageable. For any new students that might be finding their first weeks daunting, do yourselves a favor and take advantage of these apps to put much of what you need to know right in front of you.

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