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Trump rally draws thousands to Harrington

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Matt Butler/THE REVIEW
Republican candidate, Donald Trump drew thousands to the Quillen Arena at the Delaware State Fairgrounds


In an unexpected move, Republican candidate Donald Trump announced and held a rally late last week in Harrington, Del. in a last-minute attempt to ensure support before Tuesday’s Delaware presidential primary.

Despite the state’s reputation as a liberal stronghold, Trump’s rally drew thousands, packing the bleachers in Quillen Arena at the Delaware State Fairgrounds. Trump signs, American flags and T-shirts advocating a Hillary Clinton prison sentence were the most popular items among the crowd. That same crowd also included a young man prancing through the crowd for the duration of Trump’s speech wearing a full-body rainbow unitard and a Trump mask.

The Republican frontrunner opened with a joke about how little he had spent campaigning in Delaware, playing off the state’s notoriously friendly corporate tax laws.

“I said, ‘how many entities do we have registered in Delaware?’” Trump said. “I figured they’d say two or three. It’s 378. So we have 378 entities registered in the state of Delaware, meaning I pay you a lot of money, folks, I don’t feel at all guilty.”

Trump’s message stayed much the same as it has throughout his dominance of the Republican nomination race. Mainstays such as his plan for a Mexico-funded wall at America’s southern border and condemnation of current international trade policies were emphasized, drawing roars and a chant of “Build a wall!” to the former.

“Who’s going to pay for it?” Trump said.

“Mexico!” the crowd answered in unison.

Other popular themes from the rally included Trump going back to his “Lyin’ Ted” nickname for fellow Republican candidate, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, as well as admonishing President Barack Obama for what Trump deems as the weakening of the American military during his administration.

Perhaps the loudest cheers from the crowd arose when Trump mocked Obama over the President’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia. If the Saudi monarch hadn’t greeted Trump during a visit, he said, Trump would have told his airplane pilot to fly back to the United States. As per usual, Trump also announced his intention to “make great deals.”

Ted Field, 46, of Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, was in attendance and said he is primarily a fan of Trump’s as a result of his political outsider status, a common theme among Trump supporters. Field said he is a lifelong Republican, but has considered switching his registration to Independent based on his anger at both major political parties.

“I don’t know if, directly, he’ll be able to get Mexico to pay for it, but I don’t care if we pay for it, I just want the wall,” he said. “Just like you have a front door to keep people out, we need a front door. For that amount of money, I’d be willing to invest in that, for our security.”

Field said he views Trump as a “common-sense conservative”, as opposed to Cruz and Kasich, particularly when it comes to certain issues surrounding abortion such as rape or incest.

“I’m a Republican, but there’s some things you got to be willing to bend on,” he said. “You got to have common sense. You got to give a little bit.”

There has been a lack of presidential polling in Delaware, but polls from RealClearPolitics in Pennsylvania and Maryland show Trump with a commanding lead over Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Contrary to some Trump rallies in March, this event saw no trouble between Trump supporters and protesters. The lone visible incident came as Trump’s speech was winding down, when two people revealed signs stating “Will trade 1 Donald Trump for 10,000 Syrian refugees” and “Shore don’t like bigots like Donald Trump”.

Both were peacefully removed by campaign staffers after about a minute. Other news sites have reported similar disturbances among the crowd, but all were minor. A Ted Cruz supporter in the parking lot also mounted a large sign in the bed of his pick-up truck that said “Donald Trump is STILL a Democrat.”

Delaware’s primary takes place on Tuesday, April 26. At press time, neither Cruz nor Kasich had announced plans to visit Delaware prior to or on the day of the primary.

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  1. With the growing numbers of illegal aliens arriving here everyday, and the Obama administration ignoring our immigration laws to stop the inflow, it stands to reason that Islamic Terrorists are going to simply cross over, ready to cause even more death and destruction. There will be no skirting the truth the next time, as Obama and his failure to carry out enforcement will be held accountable. Then even further Obama is allowing our nation to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees, which have likely been assimilated by unknown numbers of Terrorists. With a very limited intelligence we have little knowledge of whether they are a real refugee or small cells of ISIS ready to take advantage open border policy, as that what is happening now. This President has given orders, to allow anybody who reaches America not to be held by the US Border Agents. For at least a year, immigration agents must release them, if they have no criminal record on file and no need to see an immigration judge.

    Only Politician I see as being sincere and not offering a bunch of lies is Donald Trump. The rest mainly Hillary Clinton who has pledged to carry on Obamas agenda, and then Cruz and Kasick who will follow the demands of their lobbyists and special interests, who have paid for their campaigns.

    Under Trumps authority the wall will be raised to stop the free flowing drugs, which are killing without any preference to gender, age, and a larger contingency of US Border Patrol officers. Plus more internal agents of ICE to use digital tracking systems to not ONLY locate the millions of illegal aliens, but whoever comes through the open turnstile of the Obama and his minions, who find no sanctity in our sovereignty.

    From the correspondence of James Carafano at the The Daily Signal http://www.morningbell@heritage.org/

    According to press reports, a man arrested as part of an Islamic State (ISIS) group in Minnesota claimed he wanted to setup a pipeline to funnel terrorists into the U.S. through Mexico. The story rekindles concerns over the security of our southern border.

    It should come as no surprise that there are reports of terrorists trying to cross from Mexico to the U.S.—it’s been tried before. In 2011, Iranian agents tried to recruit a Mexican cartel to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States with a car bomb while he dined at a restaurant in Washington, D.C.

    The assault on our border is overwhelming—and it’s not just about jumping over walls. U.S. officials just discovered a massive 800-foot tunnel under the border—complete with elevator. This means that bad actors are increasingly flying over the border, and they’ve used undersea craft, as well as speedboats, to smuggle people into the U.S.

    Further, the Obama administration has a dismal record in securing our southern border, exacerbated by self-defeating immigration policies that ignore the law and encourage waves of human smuggling across the border.

    The U.S. is lacking effective, and persistent, border security with responsible enforcement of immigration laws.
    Serious efforts to stop terrorist’s demands vigilance at the border, but this is not happening.

    It’s also important to note that many of the terrorist plots we see aimed at Americans come from—America. There have been 10 successful terror plots within the U.S. since 9/11 that was led by Americans. Of the failed plots, 63 out of 74 involved homegrown terrorists.

    This doesn’t mean we get to ignore the threat from abroad and our borders and ports of entry, but rather those we can’t solely focus on our southern border problems.
    When it comes to stopping terrorists from overseas, there are lots of places to stop them. This means our goal should be to stop them long before they get near our borders. There are lots of ways President Barack Obama could be doing more to shut down the pipeline of foreign fighters.
    Critically, Obama ought to be doing more to stop the heartbeat of the Islamist insurgency—which comes from ISIS’ control of vast territories in Iraq.

    If Donald Trump loses by the rigged system instead of the popular vote, I cannot see myself and a whole bunch of friends even worth bothering to vote. Whether it’s Hillary Clinton with her murky past or a husband who cannot keep his hands of the ladies, nor the heavily wealthy benefactors to Cruz or Kasick, everything will just remain the same. The profiteers will buy their votes and the American people will be no better off, from either party as it stands.


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