University student found guilty on one count of fourth-degree rape

Jason Kramer Photo courtesy of the Delaware Department of Justice.
Kramer was sentenced earlier this month to two years in prison.

BY Senior Reporter

University student Jason Kramer was sentenced to two years in prison for one count of fourth-degree rape.

Kramer committed the crime in April 2017 in Louis Redding Hall, and he was charged in May that year.

The encounter began with the victim clearly stating that she would meet with him to “hook up,” which she defined as “kissing only,” and later led to possible charges of rape, strangulation and forced oral sex. The victim was examined at Christiana Hospital for sexual assault and presented bruises from the attack.

Evidence from text messages the two exchanged showed Kramer defended himself by saying he had no memory of the encounter. However, the victim requested to meet in person to discuss the events of that night, which he agreed to. She recorded their conversation, where Kramer admitted he took advantage of her and apologized, although he asserted that he still did not remember the events.

In May, university police obtained a recorded call between Kramer and the victim, where he apologized again for taking advantage of her.

When Kramer’s guilty plea was first announced to the public last August, he was facing up to fifteen years in prison with no minimum sentence required. His bail was revoked at the end of August, and he was banned from the university apart from an opportunity to meet with the dean of students.

Kramer was sentenced earlier this month to two years in prison. As a part of his guilty plea, additional rape charges and a strangulation charge were dropped. Fourth degree rape in Delaware, a class C felony, is classified as an individual that intentionally engages in sex without the victim’s consent.

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