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University to take over University Courtyards Apartments next school year

NewsCampus NewsUniversity to take over University Courtyards Apartments next school year

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The university will take complete control of the Courtyards beginning on July 1.

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The university is taking over the University Courtyard Apartments, a popular off-campus housing complex, for the 2019-2020 school year. The apartments will become on-campus housing for the University, accommodating a total of about 880 students.

Marcus Dallas, the general manager of the Courtyards, said that the university is currently investing in the property but does not yet own it fully. The university will take complete ownership on July 1, of 2019.

Those living in the UCA as of this school year will be able to continue their lease up until July 31, 2019, and have first priority for the opportunity to return to the apartments by submitting a “Return Request Form.”

Residents, however, are not guaranteed the current apartment they are living in. They are also only eligible to return if they are undergraduates for the 2019-2020 school year and taking at least 12 credits for both the fall and spring semesters at Newark’s campus.

The UCA website currently states “… you can enjoy our resident lounge, well-equipped fitness center, cyber cafe with a frozen yogurt machine, resort-style pool with sundeck, or a number of other property amenities …” It is not confirmed whether these will still be available to residents.

The University Courtyard Apartments range from $885 a month per resident for a four bedroom and four bathroom apartment, to a deluxe one bedroom apartment for $1,239 a month. The apartments come fully furnished and include a parking spot for each resident.

However, parking spots will no longer be included with the apartment when the university takes ownership. It is expected that the rates of these apartments will increase for the 2019-2020 school year, although pay periods will not include months where university students aren’t in session.

Students who have been living in the University Courtyards for numerous years expressed concerns with the adjustments. Many are unsure if they want to continue living there.

“This is my second year living here and it seems like it’s going to change so much,” Samantha Egbert, a resident of the University Courtyard Apartments and junior at the university said. “If I were to stay here I would want to keep my current apartment and my parking spot. Finding places to live off-campus is already extremely competitive, and now they have taken away one of the most popular apartment complexes among students at UD and made it into on-campus housing.”

“They’re essentially taking away all of our freedom, and as a rising senior, living as a 21-year-old with an RA is like living in a dorm and is not appealing,” Sara Cvetanovic, another junior who is living at the UCA for her second year said.

For July 1, 2019, Residence Life and Housing announced they will be issuing trained staff members for the apartments.

Some students think that making the University Courtyard Apartments on-campus housing will make the idea of of living on-campus more appealing.

“More people will stay on campus now,” Maya Peljovich, a first year resident in the Courtyards said. “We chose to live here over North Campus so everyone will try to live on campus, too.”

Now that the status of the University Courtyards is confirmed, residents are eager to figure out their housing for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. Some plan to stay put while a lot of others arrange to move into other apartment complexes off-campus.





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