Which came first, the Blue Hen or the egg?

Essay Prompt: Which came first, the Blue Hen or the egg?

The answer here, is neither. The one who came first was and always will be, bulbasaur. As the first pokemon of every pokedex, #001, bulbasaur is indisputably the first. He is the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end. There is no bulb without saur, nor is there saur without bulb. The blue hen? I don’t know what later gen trash this “blue hen” is, but it will never usurp bulbasaur’s place as the first pokemon. The egg on the other hand, holds an even worse place. The egg doesn’t even have a pokedex number, it isn’t even in the running. Now, i realize you may simply be referring to a pokemon such as Exeggcute or Togepi via a derogatory, but even in such an event these pokemon number in the hundreds, #175 and #102 respectively. The fact of the matter is that bulbasaur is the first, and anyone who says otherwise is either being blatantly disrespectful or gravely ill informed. Long live our mighty grass god.

– Connor Keane, a recent graduate of the university

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