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On Oct. 17, the university lost an incredible person: Enoch Jae Lee. Enoch meant so much to so many different people. All those who knew Enoch––whether they be close friends or acquaintances––loved and admired him. Below is a collection of quotes that paint a beautiful picture of who Enoch was to many people in his life.

Enoch lee
Enoch Lee was a regular volunteer at Christiana Hospital in Newark.

We can’t bring Enoch back to us, but we can honor him by living our lives a little bit more like he lived his. For those who knew him, these quotes will be a constant reminder of what Enoch meant to each and every one of us. For those who did not know Enoch, I hope these quotes shed light onto what an important person Enoch was to his family, friends, and the Newark community.

“Enoch was an unbinding beacon of hope for the future and had enduring faith in it. When I questioned my dream of becoming a doctor, he responded: ‘If you want to become a doctor, you will. The world needs people like us to help others.’” —Catherine Tauro

“Enoch was a person who drove you to be better than you thought you could and live each day better than you thought you would.” —Melissa Verlaque

“To me, Enoch was a blessing to this earth. He did so much in such a short amount of time, and I’m truly lucky to have known him. Thank you for always asking, ‘How’s life?,’ for listening to my problems and for constantly putting a smile on my face. Your memories with me are forever in my heart. I love you always, my angel.” —Stephanie DeNigris

“He always made my day when I saw him, but now he makes my day whenever I think about him. The memories I have of him will always make me smile.” —Billy Boyer

“Enoch was the music to my ears, my inspiration, a dear friend, but most importantly, he was my greatest gift. Anyone who knew Enoch was beyond blessed to have had him in their life because knowing him was truly a privilege. Enoch’s legacy lives on through the countless people he has touched and through all of us.” —April Gulotti

“The most selfless person I met at UD, able to turn any frown upside-down. A passionate, talented, intelligent individual, who crafted a mean Snapchat story.” —Alli Tracy

“Enoch had the profound ability to make even the most mundane situations exciting. His presence automatically made you feel more content with yourself.” —Chris Mosca

“Enoch Jae Lee was a gift. Through his passion for music, medicine and volunteering, he touched and inspired so many people in such a short amount of time. He was an amazing friend who believed in me and always wanted the best for me, and I will always be thankful for that. I am so blessed and thankful that I got to have someone as amazing as him as one of my best friends. I will always cherish the memories we had, and he will always have a place in my heart.” —Kelsey Goggin

“Enoch embodied everything the quote ‘live your life to the fullest’ stands for. He was kind, compassionate, hard working, and most of all, he was a great friend. His passion for music is what inspired me the most. He was able to touch so many lives in such little time. I am grateful to have known him and am so happy I got to call him a good friend. He will forever hold a place in my heart.” —Kristen Darling

“Enoch was like a ray of sunshine––he was always glowing and warm, and he had the ability to illuminate everyone around him.” —Alaina Prevot

“Enoch and I became close during our sophomore year. He was not only a good friend but also a role model. I admired his faith in God, his generous nature and his ability to make anyone smile. Seeing him always brightened my day, and I am honored to have had such a beautiful person in my life.” —Angela Stegmuller

“Enoch’s ability to reach through to others and create a bond out of nothing. I will never forget the first time I met Enoch; he was playing guitar outside of our dorms amongst a group of people and realized that he had never introduced himself to me. Immediately, he put down his guitar and wanted to know my story, wanted to be friends. I was hesitant and skeptical of his enthusiasm, but it didn’t take much longer than ten minutes to realize the extent of his sincerity. Enoch was the type of person who, without trying, caused you to drop your front and let your guard down in one conversation. That is an incredibly rare thing to find in someone.” —Brigitte Barron

“To me, Enoch was my better half, my best friend and the light of my life.” —Connie Chen

“Enoch was the reason I played lacrosse in high school. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have made many of the friends I had in high school. My freshman year, there was a week where Enoch came to my house everyday to help with learn how to play lacrosse. He introduced himself to my parents as, ‘Enoch, but you can call me Bruce.’ He was one of the nicest, warm-hearted people to be around and an amazing friend. It was impossible to be anything but happy when anyone was in his presence. He just had such a positive vibe. He became a brother to me and was one of my best friends throughout high school.” —Dustin Tresolini

“Enoch was a lover. He was completely selfless and never hesitated to meet new people, ask them how they are doing and make them feel like somebody important. One would never know about half of his talents and good deeds because he never bragged or talked too much about himself. Instead, he was a listener, and when he wasn’t using his voice to make others joyous through his singing, he was using it to comfort, help or please somebody in some way. Enoch was and is special because he continues to inspire us for the person he was and the things that he did, and I am forever grateful I got to have him in my life and see firsthand how much he impacted the people closest to me in such a positive way.” —Dominique Carpio

“Enoch was beyond spectacular. He lived his life in humility, always making everyone around him feel significant. I don’t think he ever realized it, but he was a role model for many people and exhibited a genuine love for others that was truly admirable. He had a big heart and an even bigger voice that will echo into eternity.” —Mirette Boushra

“Enoch was the kind of person that genuinely cared about what you had to say, how you were doing and what was going on in your life, no matter what he had going on. He was the kind of friend that is hard to come by and a blessing to have. Enoch will be missed by all who had the honor of knowing him and having him in their lives.” —Sarah Page

“Enoch brought us together with his genuine, loving spirit and a little help from his dreamy guitar playing. He was the kind of friend that made us all feel like family. He’ll never know the mark that he has left behind, but he will be so widely missed and always so greatly loved.” —Gianna Mercadante

“Enoch was the type of person who would go out of their way to try and make your day better. Through his kind words and singing, he really knew how to brighten your day. He was a great friend and roommate and will be missed but not forgotten.” —Zach Zeren

“Enoch was such a genuinely caring person. From a classmate to a good friend, Enoch will always be the guy who made me want to be a better person and who changed my life for the good.” —Helena Gaitan

“Enoch was a celebrity. He was the guy you would text your friends and say, ‘Guess who I saw today?!…Enoch.’ And it made your friends jealous that they had not seen him, too. Everyone aspired to be more like him.” —Cleo Reiss

“Enoch was one of the first people I met at the University of Delaware. His bubbly personality and thoughtful qualities are what makes him stand out from others. Enoch always went out of his way for me since I met him and brought our entire freshman floor together. Enoch would ask how my internship was going constantly this past summer and remembered such specific things about people, showing he took genuine interest in so many people in his life. I think this is something that we can all take with us and live by, to keep pieces of Enoch alive.” —Jaclyn Murray

“An especially important part of our friendship was the music that we created and shared with each other. Whenever I heard Enoch sing, my day would become instantaneously better. Enoch was more than just an amazing musician. He was an amazing person. I feel blessed to have had the chance to share such amazing moments with him and I will always remember the great times we had together.” – Alex Fang

“Enoch was passionate about so many things and committed to his strong values. Through his selfless character, he made his friends a priority and made a huge impact on their lives. He inspires others and inspired me to be my best and to do my best, which I will forever be thankful for. Enoch was the truly greatest friend anyone could ask for.” – Haley Johnson

“Enoch listened. It sounds like such a simple skill, but a friend who really listens to what you have to say is a rare find. Enoch Lee was a friend to many, but he somehow found a way to make each and every friend feel like they were the only one who mattered in the world.” – Diana Groody

“An inspiring individual and a talented intellect. What fascinated me most about Enoch was his ability to make anyone feel like he’d known them forever.” – Talha Bhatti

“Enoch wasn’t just a friend, but an advice giver, a helper and one of the best people I will ever know, I’ll never forget the times he changed my gloomy days into a more colorful one, and my frown into a huge smile. He would never leave a conversation without telling me he loved me and I will always smile knowing I had the pleasure of having someone so incredibly amazing a part of my life.” – Tara Tresolini

“Enoch was one of the few genuinely good hearted, loving people I’ve met in my life. It really is such a rare thing and I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to know him. The memory of Enoch will always be a reminder to appreciate the truly good people you find in life and to never take them for granted.” – Jake Mulcahy

“Enoch was my protective older brother always looking out for me. He was a true friend and inspiration and brought out the best in all of us. I’ll miss you and love you forever Enoch. Rest in peace my friend.” – Raina Parikh

“Enoch was one of the most genuine individuals I have ever met, and our love for Ecuador bonded us. We all miss his beautiful soul.” – Devika Banerjee

“Enoch Lee was one of the kindest people I have ever met who sought to make everyone he met smile and dedicated his life toward a career in helping others. Enoch’s biggest asset was his ability to inspire others, and he continues to inspire all that knew him everyday.” – Arjun Patel

“True compassion is caring about others. Enoch illustrated true compassion in his every day life and treated everyone like family. He will always be my brother.” – Max Isaac

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    My brother Enoch I Miss him so much i love him like a Brother for me he Laugh And he nice to me and like a famliy and warm and caring and my memory of Enoch Photos for him and Brother and Sister Forever

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