About The Review

The Review is the independent student newspaper of the University of Delaware. Since 1882, it has served as a voice for UD students and strived to provide timely, accurate and insightful information about the university and the surrounding community.

The Review, the independent, student-run publication at the University of Delaware shall operate with the following mission:

  • To passionately seek and report the truth; to shed light on all news in relation to the university, Newark-at-large, their communities and all those who are affected by them; to
    maintain the values of fairness and impartiality; to maintain all ethical standards and be a shining example of journalistic integrity.
  • To act as a forum of free expression; to defend first amendment rights; to make
    intelligent commentary and criticism on issues concerning its readers.
  • To create a fair learning and working environment for all members of The Review, no matter
    their gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, economic status, veteran status or marital status; to train staff members to be professionals in reporting, editing and managing a news organization while simultaneously maintaining an enjoyable work environment.

Founded as a monthly publication called the Delaware College Review, the paper now publishes an issue three to four times per semester. In addition, it provides daily updates and multimedia content through udreview.com.

The print edition of The Review is distributed for free on campus and around the city of Newark.

The Review has been honored with a range of local and national awards, including a five-star designation by the Associated Collegiate Press and the Pacemaker Award, which has been called the Pulitzer Prize of college journalism. It has also been named one of the nation’s ten best non-daily college newspapers by the Associated Collegiate Press.

In addition to their comprehensive coverage of local issues, student journalists at The Review have frequently traveled to cover stories of national significance, including the Sept. 11 terror attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing and the Los Angeles
riots. Review staff member Robert Weston was named College Journalist of the Year by the Associated Collegiate Press for his dispatches from the front lines of the first Gulf War.

The newspaper’s alumni have gone on to careers at such news organizations as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Associated Press, The News Journal, The Delaware State News, The Cecil Whig, The Dover Post and many more.

The Review’s offices are located on the second floor of Perkins Student Center’s West Annex, above WVUD.

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Beatrice Aquavia/THE REVIEW