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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Kelsey Wagner


Opinion: Letter from The Review’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Board

The DEI Board has met on a biweekly basis since the fall.

Opinion: Relearning self-worth during a pandemic

In a time when it is harder to feel positive, self-esteem may be more difficult to prioritize.

Opinion: The university has done little to help students with mental health

It is time for the university to provide more resources to students battling mental health issues.

Opinion: Money is replacing passion

In today’s society, people feel that they need to pursue a high salary rather than passion.

Opinion: The Snyder Cut is bad for us

I think releasing the Snyder Cut does more bad than good.

Opinion: TikTok is becoming the new Tumblr

Many communities created spaces for themselves on Tumblr, and its influence can be compared to TikTok.

Opinion: You’re right, it’s not all men, but how do we know which men?

There is no way for people to tell which men could be the ones to murder, harass or assault them.

Opinion: The bulls–t behind the happy ending

Shouldn’t romantic comedies portray women and people of color in an accurate manner?

Opinion: The university needs clearer COVID-19 reporting

As a student who lives in the dorms, clear COVID-19 reporting is important and urgent to me.

Opinion: Blue Hen Re-Coop Days do not equate to a spring break

Unfortunately, spring break is another aspect of the college experience that is lost to the pandemic.

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