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Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Nadya Ellerhorst


Students share mixed feelings about Firefly festival return in light of COVID-19 vaccine

With Firefly months away, the minds of students around the university appear to be clashing within the debate of whether or not it is safe for the event to take place.

Raising money for charity during COVID-19

BY DANIELLE MCILTROT Senior Reporter Senior Reporter Danielle McIltrot discusses fundraising, charity and how it all has shifted as...

The rise of resale fashion: Why students made the shift to thrift shopping

Fashion resale might seem like an unlikely industry to flourish during a global pandemic.

Easy weekend getaways for students in Newark

One of the best things about Newark is that it is kind of in the middle of everything.

The galaxy has its eyes on you: E-52 performs “Star Wars”-“Hamilton” musical online

The passion project of Eric Brengel and Adam Wang has been brought to life by E-52 Student Theatre.

Starbucks’ secrets: The inside scoop on the new seasonal drinks

As spring has sprung, so have these new drinks.

LGBTQ+ young adult novels to put on your reading list

Hopefully, this list will inspire you to add one of these books to your reading list, however long it may be.

Desert blues: A short primer on Northwest African rock music

Although rock has lost some of its popularity over time, it remains alive and well in Northwest Africa.

Finding love in the age of social media

The popularity of social media has made finding a significant other more complicated than in previous generations.

Co-creators Elizabeth Vex and Tara O’Connor on musical production “Just Another Minute”

Juniors Elizabeth “Liz” Vex and Tara O’Connor have written a musical about isolation meant to create hope and comfort.

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