Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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The controversy behind true crime

Staff Reporter Caroline Powell discusses the negative effects of true crime in society, focusing on the recent controversial Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series. By looking at those who are directly affected by the series, she explores the danger of true crime in regards to the emotional turmoil it may create.

Fast fashion’s impacts on the environment, society, and the economy

Staff Reporter Tess Williams explores the fast fashion industry and its impacts on the environment, society and the economy. Kelly Cobb and Nokyeon Kim, experts on fashion sustainability, provide insight on these topics and share their personal experiences.

Photo Gallery: Flo Rida Fall Concert

This year's fall concert headliner Flo Rida took the stage with opening act DJ Amaze on Nov. 17. The concert, hosted by The Crew, took place at the Bob Carpenter Center at 8 p.m. Photographers Audrey Tong and Larissa Heather document the event. 

The Indian Student Association celebrates the festival of lights

The university’s Indian Student Association celebrated Diwali on Friday evening. Celebrants painted diya lanterns, conversed over traditional Indian food and watched Delaware Kamaal perform Indian dance styles.

Why is everything on Broadway closing?

After a tumultuous past few years for Broadway, many fan favorite shows will be closing within the next three months, leaving many wondering the reasoning behind the closings and what the future of Broadway will look like.

Comedian scheduled to speak at several sororities about mental health

Comedian Stephanie Foster will be joining university sororities, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Phi, to speak about mental health struggles. Her college tour, Without Rhyme Nor Reason, has been reviewed and approved by the American Foundation for Suicide.

Senegalese griot and accompanists visit the university

Boubacar Ndiaye, a traveling griot, came to the university with his musical accompanists to perform “Voyage without a Visa,” a concert that blends stories of childhood in Senegal with the hope and disillusion of migration to Europe.

Commentary: Roots Wrap review

Roots Natural Kitchen has limited-time only Roots Wraps on their menu, but their prices may be too high for the amount of food given. Managing Arts & Culture Editor Danielle Beamish tried the Pesto Caesar wrap.

Ways to participate in Halloween without drinking

Despite the university’s large drinking culture around the weekend of Halloween, students say that there are plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday that don’t involve consuming alcohol.

From parents’ garages to main stages: How to create a successful band

Musicians, such as The Head and The Heart and The Brook & The Bluff, talk inspiration and share their views on their rise to fame. Between finding the perfect band name to developing a unique style, the advice they give encapsulates how to become a musician.

Commentary: How to eat sustainably in Newark

Staff reporter Tess Williams discusses how to eat more sustainably in the Newark area. She focuses on the practice of eating locally and the use of hydroponics as a way to increase agricultural sustainability. She also interviews Dr. Gordon Johnson, an expert on plant science and plants growth in the Delaware area as well as Evyn Appel, the co-founder and president of the university’s hydroponics club.

Commentary: Firefly Music Festival showcases the musical diversity of the indie genre

The Firefly Music Festival brought a number of indie artists together, each with their own unique approach to the genre. The 502s, The Head And The Heart, Matt Maeson, The Brook & The Bluff and Dayglow came to Firefly to perform their most-loved tunes and share what makes their style of music special to them.

“Lesbian”: Erased in media

Lesbophobia, along with sexism and prejudiceness, have been contributing factors towards the treatment of lesbian-led shows and lesbian characters within media. The societal biases held against lesbians and the word “lesbian” perpetuate stereotypes and hurtful rhetoric.

Firefly in Photos

Staff reporters Tabitha Reeves and Risha Inaganti captured photos at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE, this past weekend. The festival entertained concert-goers, from live music performances to food stands and chill hangout spots.
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