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Theater review: “The Prom” by Harrington Theatre Arts Company

HTAC’s latest production, “The Prom,” shares a story about acceptance, love and the true meaning of friendship. Staff Reporter Kelly Hall reviews the musical and its important LGBTQIA+ themes with Pride month underway.

Maria João Petisca and Cantonese lacquerware: A study of Chinese culture and Portuguese activity

April 15 marked the start of Global Chinese Week, a series co-hosted by Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library with the university’s Asian Studies program. Maria João Petisca from Portugal presented a lecture both on Zoom and at Old College called, “Cantonese Lacquerware: Global Travels of the Gilded Objects made for Export”

Cole Rizki: Focusing the lens on Latinx trans resistance

Cole Rizki, a Latin American studies professor at University of Virginia and transgender studies scholar, uses image analysis to examine the ways Latinx trans people resist oppression across the Americas. In April, Rizki visited the university to host two events – an academic publishing workshop and a lecture on trans resistance.

Feature: Annabelle Brame’s senior fashion collection

The university’s fashion community has come together to create UD Fashion Week. Annabelle Brame, the co-president of Synergy Fashion Group, displayed her collection at the fashion show.

Queer art and representation at the university

The university’s programming board hosted an event with drag queens Alyssa Edwards and Shea Couleé. Many students were excited to hear that they were coming to perform on campus but also believe the university can do more for queer appreciation.

Broadway’s 2023-24 year in review

In light of the upcoming Tony Awards, the show-stopping ceremony celebrating Broadway’s legacy, here is a brief recap of the musicals and plays that came and went by NYC’s theater scene in this past year.

E-52’s journey “Into the Woods”

E-52’s recent performance of “Into the Woods” was a hit amongst audiences with a sold-out closing night. Members of the cast detail the hard work and support that went into building the show.

University professor Anna Wik selected for New Castle County Public Arts Commission

Following the establishment of the New Castle County Public Arts Commission in late 2023, the first board of members has been selected to the commission, including university professor Anna Wik.

The challenge of Black representation among university professors and academic spaces

Although the university prides itself on diversity, equity and inclusion, the racial makeup of the university's faculty lacks diversity, with only a small percentage of the faculty being of color and an even smaller percent being African American. Assistant professor at the university, Délice Williams, comments on this gap and touches on the holistic importance of Black educators and representation.

Student involvement in White Clay State Park

White Clay Creek State Park superintendent highlights opportunities for students and locals from recreation to research to volunteering.

What’s brewing this spring?

As the seasons change, many students begin to alter their go-to coffee orders. On warmer days, coffee-lovers substitute their heavy lattes for something more refreshing. What are students at the university ordering, and what new menu items are making their debut across coffee spots?

Through the mountain, through the years: House venue Secret Tunnel set to leave campus

After nearly two years of underground shows, the owners of the Secret Tunnel, a DIY concert venue, are graduating. With a few shows left on the venue’s schedule, the owners, performers and attendees reflect on what the Secret Tunnel has meant to them.

Kee Tobar: The university’s first racial equity and inclusion director

Whiquitta “Kee” Tobar describes how her experience in legal work and DEI has prepared her for a new position.

Local Instagram account reviews and promotes eateries around Newark

Newark Foodiess is a local, student-run Instagram account working to “share the best of Newark’s finest food.” Covering a range of eateries, the account spreads the word about alternatives to the dining halls.
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