Thursday, June 8, 2023


New challenges emerge as fashion continues to change

Staff Reporter Tess Williams discusses fashion on campus and its connections to global changes in the fashion industry. The growth of knock-off brands and fast fashion present new challenges with branding and conflicts between new and old cultural norms.

UDress Magazine hosts fall fashion show with theme, “New York Minute”

UDress members celebrated their fall magazine release with their Fall Fashion Event on Dec. 3. Members reflected on their time working on the fall issue and the show and discussed the uniqueness of UDress.

Fast fashion’s impacts on the environment, society, and the economy

Staff Reporter Tess Williams explores the fast fashion industry and its impacts on the environment, society and the economy. Kelly Cobb and Nokyeon Kim, experts on fashion sustainability, provide insight on these topics and share their personal experiences.

Bari White portrays his years at the university through his clothing collection

BY DANI BEAMISHManaging Arts and Culture Editor Graduating senior Bari White was inspired by his father's work as a hardscaler and a landscaper to...

RSOs aim to increase representation amidst lacking opportunities for LGBTQ students to connect

Along with the RSOs advertised as being LGBTQ-focused RSOs, some spaces where LGBTQ people can express themselves while engaging in an activity they are interested in are less conventional.