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The monetary and civility quicksand of reviving Broadway’s legacy

Broadway has taken a beating in the amount of shows that have closed in post-pandemic times, and many more are running for a limited time. While several behind-the-scenes factors contribute to the dwindling numbers, there is a ray of hope to get Broadway back on track.

Theater Review: “The Great Gatsby”

As a self-proclaimed theater fanatic, Associate Arts & Culture Editor Beth Wojciechowski reviews Broadway's "The Great Gatsby"

Choir School of Delaware set to celebrate Mexican-American culture with Chicana Collaborative

In collaboration with the university’s College of Arts and Sciences, the Choir School of Delaware will be hosting its Chicana Collaborative event on March 22 at the local and Latina-owned venue Sapitos, in Wilmington. The event will include performances meant to uplift the Latinx community and a panel discussion focusing on culture and identity.

Theater review: “Pass Over” at The REP

The REP’s latest production, “Pass Over,” highlights friendship within an uncertain political climate. Associate Arts & Culture Editor Beth Wojciechowski reviews the production and gives her take on the powerful story.

Hadestown: The new flames of the Underworld

“Hadestown,” the Tony- and Grammy-winning musical, is saying goodbye to some performers and welcoming new ones, including a premiere across the pond. Here is the gist on who is leaving the Underworld and who is taking their first steps into the depths.

A look into “Pass Over”

The play “Pass Over” opens this week as the REP’s first production of the semester. The Review explores the background of the play and what makes it unique.

My top three Broadway shows of 2023

As a self-proclaimed theater enthusiast, Associate Arts & Culture Editor Beth Wojciechowski reviews and ranks her top three theatrical productions of 2023.

Opinion: The Creative Arts Club inaugural talent showcase

The Creative Arts Club hosted their first talent show on Friday, Sept. 29, in Trabant Theater, featuring many student poets, rappers, singers and dancers. Staff Reporter Danny Tull reviews the event.

The pros of seeing an off-Broadway show

Off-Broadway shows are often a cheaper alternative to seeing a show on Broadway without losing the quality of a Broadway production. Associate Arts & Culture editor Beth Wojciechowski explores the pros of seeing a show off-Broadway and details her first experience with off-Broadway theater.

A reimagined family: The Choir School of Delaware’s “The Addams Family”

The Choir School of Delaware’s Musical Theater Summer Camp will be performing their production of “The Addams Family” on July 27 and 28. Managing Arts & Culture Editor Jordanna Garland talks with the artistic director of the production, Sophia DiLeo, about what makes this show unique, the impact of the musical theater summer camp and what upcoming events the Choir School has in store.

A feminist spin on “The Odyssey”: UD Lyric Theatre Opera Company’s final performance of “Penelope And The Geese”

Touring Southern Europe, the UD Lyric Theatre Opera Company has performed their groundbreaking reimagination of “The Odyssey” in many cities throughout Greece. Associate Arts & Culture Editor Beth Wojciechowski explores “Penelope And The Geese” and the women that made the production possible.

How the Writers Guild of America strike is affecting theater

The Writers Guild of America strike began on May 2 and has continued to have a significant impact on the TV and film industry. Associate Arts & Culture Editor Beth Wojciechowski explores how the strike has affected the theater industry.

A deep dive into the 2023 Tony Awards

The 2022-2023 theater season is coming to a close with this year’s Tony Awards. With many plays, musicals and revivals nominated this year, Associate Arts and Culture Editor Beth Wojciechowski analyzes the many unique qualities that set this year’s Tony Awards apart. .

A behind the scenes glimpse into the Resident Ensemble Players’ performance of “Medea”

The Resident Ensemble Players (REP) introduced its latest production, “Medea.” Managing Arts & Culture Editor Jordanna Garland met with artistic director Steve Tague, cast member Amanda Herpel and audience member Morgan Wright to discuss preparation for the show, its challenges, the experiences onstage and the reception of the show.
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