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A guide to suncare for people of color

For those with darker skin, melanin does provide some natural protection against UV rays, but not enough to protect against skin cancer completely.

Confessions of an Ohio Blue Hen

I’ve also had the opportunity to learn more about Delaware from afar, although some burning questions about the state still keep me up at night.

The life of a shopaholic (when your dad is a financial consultant)

My dad’s expertise in the field has made it so much easier for me to dip my toe into the investing waters.

Collaborative Content: The Review reflects on the pandemic

More than a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic upended our daily lives. Members of The Review share their thoughts about how the pandemic affected them.

Grocery store analysis: Which is the most cost-effective?

BY STEPHANIE MARIA Staff Reporter Transitioning from a meal plan to buying your own groceries can be daunting. Racking...

How to not cry on your birthday

It is completely normal to expect a plethora of different things of a specific day, and then have your attitude shift when only some or none of them come to fruition.

My brother has autism: This is what he taught me

I don’t want anyone to apologize to me for my brother’s autism.

Taking back the curls

After years of natural hair being seen as something unkempt and unprofessional, people are freeing themselves from hair oppression.

Credit cards, and credit scores and credit reports, oh my!

There are several benefits for opening a credit card sooner rather than later.

Folie Made: The story of a student run business

University students Emma Kremer and Kelly McGlone have turned a hobby into a small and quickly growing business, gaining all of the marketing experience their pandemic-cancelled internships might have given them in the process.

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