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Monday, September 27, 2021
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Credit cards, and credit scores and credit reports, oh my!

There are several benefits for opening a credit card sooner rather than later.

Folie Made: The story of a student run business

University students Emma Kremer and Kelly McGlone have turned a hobby into a small and quickly growing business, gaining all of the marketing experience their pandemic-cancelled internships might have given them in the process.

How to waste your money on Amazon

We must ask not what we can do for capitalism, but what capitalism can do for us.

Five days of home-cooked dinners under $40

Cooking on a budget while focusing on healthy, nutritious and fresh produce-filled meals can be difficult.

The rise of resale fashion: Why students made the shift to thrift shopping

Fashion resale might seem like an unlikely industry to flourish during a global pandemic.

Easy weekend getaways for students in Newark

One of the best things about Newark is that it is kind of in the middle of everything.

Fitness accounts to follow for fun and unique exercises

Before COVID-19 struck, my main source of exercise and movement was walking across the expansive Green in the beautiful weather while navigating from class to class. Nowadays, my exercise consists of walking to the kitchen for a box of cookies.

Starbucks’ secrets: The inside scoop on the new seasonal drinks

As spring has sprung, so have these new drinks.

How to actually “glow up” before summer

Any body is a “bikini body,” so long as we feel good and confident being ourselves.

Embracing spring the Persian way

While Nowruz embraces nature in one day, Persian culture embraces nature on a daily basis.

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