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Monday, September 27, 2021
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Finding love in the age of social media

The popularity of social media has made finding a significant other more complicated than in previous generations.

Astrology’s rise to popularity in the era of TikTok

Where previous generations may have been more skeptical about astrology, Gen Z seems to have embraced it more than ever before.

Simple ways to improve your diet

Listening to your body’s cues will help you make good choices that will keep you healthy and happy.

Colourpop releases an Animal Crossing makeup collection

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has recently collaborated with Colourpop, a popular makeup brand.

Make-up dupes for beauty’s budget

While well-known, high end brands and products may seem eye-catching, they don’t always entail better products.

A beginner’s guide to bullet journaling

The point of a bullet journal is to make a journal that is personalized towards what is productive for you.

Getting over the person you didn’t actually date

There’s nothing that makes you realize the conflict between the heart and the brain like an undefined relationship.

A COVID safe dating life

Although in-person activities are limited, there are plenty of creative, safe ways to celebrate love.

A student’s guide to becoming a plant parent this winter

For many university students, houseplants are a crucial part of making student housing feel like home.

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