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Being vegan in Delaware: How Drop Squad Kitchen makes it easier

The restaurant is a quaint and comfortable cafe-style restaurant with a plethora of delicious options for customers to choose from.

TBT: South African divestment protests

The university faced six years of protests starting in 1985 that called for the university to divest from South African business interests.

TBT: April 12, 1968, protests following MLK assassination

3,000 National Guard troops were deployed to Wilmington following a week of rioting following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

#TBT: Students bare all in the '70s for "Go Naked Week"

Throwback Thursday: The "Naked Weeks" of the 1970s.

#tbt: Homecoming 1976

Della, a 12-year-old cow living on South Campus, was denied candidacy as the 1976 Homecoming Queen.

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