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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Concert Movies: Fill the endless void in your heart from not seeing any live concerts this summer

It’s a complete bummer that live concerts won’t be a thing for what may be another two years, but there are plenty of ways to experience a similar sense of delight and to groove your heart out to all of the concerts currently available online.

Mary Berry and The Great Home Bake-athon

However, I have found solace during these desperate times through the wonderful Mary Berry.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons game review

No game has ever satisfied my sense of accomplishment like this; I could play it for six hours a day, every day.

Coronavirus turned my 18-hour flight home into a 30-hour nightmare

I reached the Philly airport at 6:45 p.m. and was shocked at how grim it looked, like a scene from a horror movie, empty and grey.

Reporting from the front (checkout) lines: I felt disposable

We were given cheap deli gloves, no face masks and most importantly, no extra compensation at all despite mind-boggling increases in company profits. I felt disposable.

Attending class from the other side of the world

Not so long ago, we were all seated a heartbeat away, in the physical presence of each other. Now, we were trying to achieve a false sense of normalcy, learning about math, science, politics and what not.

Skincare on a budget

Taking care of your skin should be as much of a daily priority as sleeping, eating, staying hydrated and other self-care. However, it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to ensure that this important self-care ritual is not neglected.

Album review: Desolation, dissolution and King Krule’s “Man Alive!”

Marshall interrogates the institutional facets of his life that cause the isolation and despair he feels so deeply throughout “Man Alive!”

Mosaic tries something new: Ghost hunting

There’s no “reputable” way to confirm a ghost story, but according to a few “haunted places” websites online, there was some truth to her story. Rumor has it that a family of six was accused of witchcraft during the turn of the twentieth century and were hanged. According to all of these websites, the family can sometimes be seen walking along the side of the road.

Study abroad friendships: Real or fake?

Upon meeting these wonderful people in my group, I bonded with them on a personal and emotional level quicker than ever before. My study abroad friendships opened me up to the power of making emotional connections with people.

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