Thursday, September 29, 2022


Mosaic Tries Something New: Getting a driver’s license

At age 19, Staff Reporter Nadya Ellerhorst could do a lot of things. Driving was not one of them. Over the past year, a handful of professional lessons and adventures in the family Mazda changed that.

Horoscopes: Week of Sep. 27

See what the stars have in store for your fall semester.

Poem: Triple Knot

An anonymous poetry submission to The Review explores the metaphor of tying shoelaces. "I used to triple knot my shoelaces when I was young, tying them as tight as they could be because boys would pull at them and try to make me fall."

Satire: Last-minute course offerings for Fall 2022

From a jaywalking practicum to a class on Newark’s strange weather patterns, check out the latest classes the university is offering this semester.

Commentary: “Stranger Things” and its resonance on Generation Z

In the six years that "Stranger Things” has been in the media, it has captured quite the audience, specifically with Gen Z. Why does “Stranger Things” hold so much intrigue on this particular group? Nostalgia, relatability, digital culture and binge watching are all contributing factors to the resonance the show has on Gen Z.

Horoscopes: Graduation Edition

See what the stars have in store for you this week.

Playlist: Graduation Edition

Check out Mosaic's latest playlist for some bops to graduate to.

The Newark bridge problem

In this article, I will attempt to provide a way for seniors to take a walk down memory lane — literally.

The possibilities of working abroad after college

BY TESS WILLIAMSStaff Reporter If you’ve ever wanted to travel abroad but also need a strong source of income, working abroad after college could...

Mosaic Tries Something New: An Ohioan take on Grotto Pizza

BY NADYA ELLERHORSTStaff Writer It really all began with a lukewarm takeout slice. My understanding is that in these parts, Grotto Pizza is so entrenched...

Poem: You swore we would never get a cat

You swore we would never get a cat.

Disney’s opposition to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill can serve as a stepping stone for inclusivity

BY ERIN MCGAYCopy Editor Disney has been at the forefront of conservative backlash following its public opposition to Florida’s proposed “Don’t Say Gay” bill,...

Collaborative Content: An equitable and inclusive society

The Review invited its staff members to use their voices and tell us what an equitable and inclusive society looks like to them. Laura Matusheski,...

The infamous Oscar slap has deeper implications than a bruise

BY MIA GALLOAssociate Mosaic Editor The moment actor Will Smith’s palm made contact with comedian Chris Rock’s cheek, the world outside the Dolby Theater seemingly...