Thursday, January 26, 2023


Satire: UFO spotted above Newark

The city of Newark is once again facing shenanigans as a student claims to have seen a UFO patrolling the night sky. Staff Reporter Steven Norris interviews the student in question along with an expert at the university to gain more insight about this jarring report.

Movie Review: “M3GAN” is a clever synthesis of our worst fears

With 2023 has come the release of “M3GAN,” a film centering on the namesake robotic toy, her inventor and the girl she’ll do anything to safeguard. Staff Writer Nadya Ellerhorst shares her thoughts on the latest, modern take on the killer doll genre.

Poem: The Vroomin’

The revving engines of Newark have proved an unwelcome nighttime ambiance for Staff Writer Nadya Ellerhorst. In her latest for The Review, Ellerhorst turns to poetry to express her disgruntlement.

Satire: Holiday wish list (realistic)

While holiday wish lists vary from person to person, your wish list must be concise and thoughtful if you are to maximize the benefits of commercialized holidays. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick shares with you the proper way to make a wish list so you can have a fruitful gift haul this holiday season.

Satire: A guide to all the best sights on the university’s campus

Staff Reporter Caroline Powell comments on all of the sites and attractions the university and the city of Newark has to offer. From the Green to Kirkbride Jesus, Powell points out all the can’t-miss places and people.

Satire: Jaywalking? More like slaywalking

What’s the best way to get around campus, according to Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick? Slaywalking, a tactical form of jaywalking that requires an understanding of intersection/traffic dynamics and alternate routes, as well as spatial awareness, confidence, style and swag.

Dressing for revenge: The historical and cultural impacts of Princess Diana’s revenge dress

While Princess Diana has been known as a fashion icon to all for decades now, let’s delve deeper into the history behind her most infamous look and the one that cemented her icon status – The Revenge Dress.

My mantra to get through finals week

As final examinations and submissions begin to take over students' lives, Opinion Columnist Shriya Tandon shares her mantras to get through such a rough time in the semester. From limiting screen time to spending time in nature, Tandon provides ways for students to de-stress and stay focused.

Mosaic Tries Something New: Perusing the shelves of Morris Library

Morris Library is home to a variety of resources easily accessible through its website – but whatever happened to diving into the shelves in pursuit of knowledge? Staff Writer Nadya Ellerhorst unearths the value of simply perusing Morris’s seemingly endless array of books.

A definitive ranking of Thanksgiving side dishes

Staff reporter Alexandra Webber ranks the Thanksgiving side dishes. She also provides some insight into what makes a stellar macaroni and cheese, and urges readers to follow these tips if they want to step up their own macaroni and cheese recipes.

Satire: The university has a hole problem

The brick stealing tradition returned for another school year. The holes left by the tradition caused a great amount of distress for the members of the community.

Poem: Ode to Trader Joes

Staff writer Shayna Demick expresses her love for Trader Joe's in a touching poem that also establishes a significant amount of gatekeeping.

Life with Squirrels

No matter where you look on campus, you can find squirrels running around. Students respond to the campus squirrel population and their personal experiences with these bushy-tailed creatures.

Review: The university gets Shrek’d

For two weekends HTAC put on a production of the hit Broadway musical, “Shrek The Musical.” Staff Reporter Daniel Tull gives his personal opinion on the college students' version of the show.