Thursday, January 26, 2023

Campus Life

My mantra to get through finals week

As final examinations and submissions begin to take over students' lives, Opinion Columnist Shriya Tandon shares her mantras to get through such a rough time in the semester. From limiting screen time to spending time in nature, Tandon provides ways for students to de-stress and stay focused.

Life with Squirrels

No matter where you look on campus, you can find squirrels running around. Students respond to the campus squirrel population and their personal experiences with these bushy-tailed creatures.

Review: The university gets Shrek’d

For two weekends HTAC put on a production of the hit Broadway musical, “Shrek The Musical.” Staff Reporter Daniel Tull gives his personal opinion on the college students' version of the show.

Podcast: Asian American & Pacific Islander Cultural Groups discuss hate crime

Given the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans, what is the university doing to improve the livelihood of minority students on campus? Copy Editor Esha Shah presents voices from three different Asian American cultural groups on campus to dive deeper into the pressing issue.

Collaborative Content: The Review reflects on the pandemic

More than a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic upended our daily lives. Members of The Review share their thoughts about how the pandemic affected them.

Asian-American discrimination amplifying in American culture

Discrimination towards Asians in America did not begin with the pandemic.

“One World, One Health”: University community celebrates virtual Ag Day

Due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, CANR was unable to host an in-person Ag Day event for the second year in a row.

Theatre during a pandemic: The REP and their plans for the future

The COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the arts was severe and, in the case of the university's own Resident Ensemble Players (REP), a devastating hit to the company's plans and staff. Staff reporter Sophia Johnson talks with REP leadership about their financial situation and how they've adapted to an unprecedented year.

Start composting for spring

Rather than letting spoiled food or byproducts go to waste, composting is a perfect solution.

Using the arts for anti-racism, cultural diversity and social justice

Not all activism is artistic, but every form of activism has certain artistic characteristics.

Everything you need to know about getting an off-campus apartment

Living off-campus comes with many benefits: a new sense of freedom, independence and lifestyle among them.

UD artist spotlight: Nate Robison

Robison didn’t see himself as an artist until he came to college.

Celebrating my 21st on a Wednesday during a pandemic

The first key to celebrating your birthday during a pandemic and getting by in general these days, is to surround yourself with good friends.
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