Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Satire: Dear Denny’s

The Den by Denny’s recently started offering a black bean burger. The addition of this item has been coupled with the removal of the beloved Beyond Burger from the menu. This tragic occurrence led to the heartbreak of Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick, who speaks from the soul in this satirical breakup letter.

Pondering my place at a Predominantly White Institution and within myself

The transition from the culturally vibrant halls of a Wilmington public school to the stagnant populace of the university can be incredibly laborious. Queer, Black staff reporter Percy Allen III reflects on the difficulties of his time at the university through a series of personal, rhetorical questions.

Poem: Ode to my cat

There are so many reasons to love having a cat, but the experience has its ups and downs. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick gives an inside perspective on what being a cat owner is like, along with all the reasons why you should love her slightly aggressive cat.

Satire: How to become an academic weapon

With the spring semester coming to a close, many students are finding themselves in the midst of the same situation: a last-ditch attempt to save their grade. If you are currently doing a mid-May mad dash to turn in your remaining assignments just in time to cram your final exams, consider following Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves’ advice on locking in during these final days of class and becoming the ultimate “academic weapon.”

Quiz: Which university mascot are you?

Think you have what it takes to become a university mascot? Staff Writer Danny Tull has created the ultimate evaluation to perfectly match each student to a university mascot.

The unique pressure that first generation college students face

Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves is a first generation college student — meaning she will be the first in her family to receive a bachelor’s degree. In this personal essay, she examines the expectations and emotions experienced by first gen students.

Personal essay: An unfamiliar silence

Tornado drills and siren tests have been routine in Staff Writer Nadya Ellerhorst’s life. In this personal essay, she reflects on their prevalence and how her subsequent move to Delaware has resulted in a new shift in perspective.

Diary of a wimpy flower show vice president

Danny Tull recaps his behind-the-scenes experiences of the 2023 Philadelphia Flower show, through a comedic lens. He discusses both the memorable and not so great moments that happened for the university’s team.

Poem: I got a bid from Oozma Kappa

Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves is a pretty open-minded gal — unless you ask her which fraternity is the GOAT of all Greek life. To her, the answer to this question cannot be debated, for all of the university’s fraternities and sororities pale in comparison to the most prestigious Greek life organization of both real life and fiction: Oozma Kappa.

What Edward Hopper taught me about solitude

Staff Writer Nadya Ellerhorst has long been a fan of realist painter Edward Hopper, although the precise reason why has long remained elusive. In her latest for The Review, she dives into the deeper meanings behind works that have long spoken to her, from “Nighthawks” to “New York Movie.”

Women, we love you!

Besides Shamrock Shakes coming back in March, this month also highlights important women in history and everyday women who make a difference in their communities. Staff Writer Caroline Powell shines a light on some women who paved the way for future generations, even here at the university.

Poem: If you bring a friend to class

Have you ever tried to bring a friend to class? Have you thought about doing it? Well, Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick has done it, so you can cure your curiosity. She tells the tale of what happens … if you bring a friend to class.

Poem: Surviving commuting

College is hard. Once you start it, you had better figure out how to manage your time wisely — and fast — or the struggle will really start struggling. Oh, you commute? Prepare for things to be even worse. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves has been commuting since her freshman year, so she would know.

Poem: The calm before the storm

You may not know their names, but you know their faces — and they sure know yours. As more and more students flood the streets of Newark to head back to school for the spring semester, many are excited to return to their favorite restaurants and stores. The employees at these establishments (such as Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves) are… not as excited.
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