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April Horoscopes

Beware: Mercury is in retrograde this April, so horoscopes are more important than ever. Staff Writer Percy Allen III and Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick help the astrological signs navigate this tumultuous time.

Satire: Delusion is unfounded confidence

Advancing the plot is crucial in life, and what better way to do that than to generate somewhat outrageous delusions? With enough confidence, you can make these delusions reality. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick sure did, and she’ll tell you exactly how.

Personal essay: I’ll never be a city girl

Staff Reporter Grace Kearns documents her experience in Melbourne, Australia, comparing the country’s gun climate with that of the United States. She also reflects on her first experience living with total freedom.

Poem: When it rains

The beginning of springtime brings numerous rainy days. Given the recent onslaught of rain that has plagued the city of Newark (and flooded a certain someone’s shoes), Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves writes a poem inspired by this gloomy weather.

Personal essay: The detriment of studying yourself

Staff Writer Percy Allen III reflects on their experiences as a queer Black scholar, revealing how the pursuit of an academic career in the studies of minority folks can be an experience that enables both enlightenment and commiseration.

March horoscopes

2024 is the year of the lore, and the third month of the year is the perfect time to start advancing the plot. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick and Staff Writer Percy Allen III tell the astrological signs how they can do exactly that and make the most of their March.

Poem: A creature of habit

Navigating the complexity of your 20s, all while experiencing the love and grief of life, can be challenging to express. Staff Writer Caroline Powell explores her endeavors of love and loss in this poem.

Playlist: Mosaic’s week five vibes

The semester’s in full swing! Need something to listen to while studying or hanging out with friends? Listen to Mosaic’s playlist of the week.

Parody: “I’m Just Hen”

The song “I’m Just Ken” from the “Barbie” movie would be much better if it was written for the university’s mascot, YoUDee. Staff Writer Danny Tull and Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick give the gift of turning our favorite hen into the new Ken in this parody.

Poem: Effeuiller la marguerite

Staff Writer Percy Allen III reflects on how his identity makes him feel isolated in his own dating community. In doing so, he realizes that the traits he is most proud of are also the biggest sources of his insecurities.

Personal essay: My first heartbreak

As we enter adulthood, we face more substantial challenges, one of them being heartbreak. While not everyone experiences a heartbreak, it’s important to prepare for it and understand its value. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick reflects on her first heartbreak and the lessons it taught her.

Satire: So you’re not alone this Valentine’s Day…

Fresh out of Valentine’s Day gift ideas, or simply don’t know where to start? In this list, Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves shares her top 10 greatest gift and date ideas that are perfect for Feb. 14. (Just don’t read the fine print.)

Mosaic Tries Something New: Tarot

Can a deck of cards reveal everything you need to know? After curiosity and circumstance got the best of her, Executive Editor Nadya Ellerhorst decided to find out.

Memories I’ll never have again

Memories are a crucial part of our lives. Unfortunately, they are fleeting and only get fuzzier with time. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick reflects on the feeling of precious memories slipping away.
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