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Personal essay: Turning 20 and reflecting on the rollercoaster ride of teenage life

The process of turning 20 is a monumental one. Staff Writer Aliyah Jackson reflects on the highs and lows of being a teenager as the clock ticks to their 20th birthday and they must say goodbye to their teenage years.

Graduation horoscopes

Some of those graduating may be unsure about their futures or simply curious about what they’ll truly hold. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick and Staff Writer Percy Allen III rummaged their brains for each sign and created personalized predictions for their post-graduate endeavors.

Feature: Annabelle Brame’s senior fashion collection

The university’s fashion community has come together to create UD Fashion Week. Annabelle Brame, the co-president of Synergy Fashion Group, displayed her collection at the fashion show.

Personal essay: The constant reminder that I am enough and that I am valued

People often have insecurities or doubt themselves without knowing they are enough and have value. Staff Reporter Tyler Johnson reflects on learning his self-worth and seeing his true potential.

Poem: Just wanted to count some sheep

Independence Hall's fire alarm has become notorious for going off in the middle of the night. Staff Writer Kel Marquez writes in the wake of a disrupted night's sleep.

Poem: Cupped hands

At times, life moves so quickly that it feels like we must hang onto it with all our might, straining it of its beauty. Staff Writer Percy Allen III proposes that letting life fall into your hands, like a stream of flowing water, is perhaps a wondrous alternative.

Satire: The university is bringing a mace to Commencement

Did you know that the university has a mace and chain of office? Since the items are exclusively brought out of their glass cases for academic ceremonies, Executive Editor Gaby Nieves certainly didn’t. To remedy this lack of awareness, she wrote a list of potential purposes the mace and chain of office could serve year-round.

People-watching at the reservoir

At the top of the Newark Reservoir, you’ll find the most beautiful view of this small town many of us call home. While various people gather at the top to take it in, Staff Writer Kel Marquez writes about the experience and the strangers she meets along the way.

Poem: My cat is a teenager

Cats can become teenagers and get acne, just like humans. In this poem, Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick writes about being a parent to a teenage cat.

Poem: The next step of life

Following the decision to become a double major her freshman year, Associate Arts and Culture Editor Patricia Harden looks ahead to what awaits her in life. They also express their farewells to the graduating senior class.

Poem: The brink

In a full-circle moment, Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves ends the school year the same way she started it: writing a poem about junior year. Only, this time, she's nine months wiser.

Personal essay: Writing until my words mold into one

With all the life lessons we learn, some of us find out what it means to be alone. Although isolation is difficult, we may not be as lonely as we believe. Staff Reporter Kel Marquez writes about her experience with solitude.

Personal essay: The fear of asking for academic help as a “gifted kid”

Staff writer Aliyah Jackson dives into her struggles of learning to ask for academic help in college after being deemed a gifted student in adolescence, carrying that burden throughout her educational career.

Personal essay: Forgetting what I know and feeling small

Our years in college are a transitional period of our lives – we let go of the past and welcome new beginnings. This journey is not usually an easy one. Staff Reporter Kel Marquez reflects on how she’s changed since starting college.
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