Thursday, November 30, 2023


Satire: Survive the holiday season with this simple guide

As Halloween comes to an end, the semester reaches the homestretch right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Going home brings forth lots of fun, yet awkward times among close family and distant relatives. Staff Writer Caroline Powell offers a guide to survive these inevitable uncomfortable moments everyone faces during the holiday season.

I’m a workaholic – but I’m working on it

Staff Writer Percy Allen III explores the perils of correlating one’s self worth with their work and the enlightenment that comes with breaking the cycle.

Mosaic Tries Something New: Carlo’s Bake Shop Express

For nearly a month, Executive Editor Nadya Ellerhorst cast curious glances towards the new (but empty) cake vending machine in Trabant. When the machine was finally stocked, Ellerhorst leaped at the opportunity to give it a try.

The ghost of bumble past

College-aged individuals are generally familiar with the world of dating apps. What they may be less acquainted with are the ghosts of said dating apps. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick shares what it’s like to be haunted by your past of online dating.

Money: Yours, mine, or ours?

Achieving financial literacy goes beyond a couple of extra bucks in your pocket. It is a tool that we can use to take advantage of a resource that is yours and mine to solve various issues that are ours like climate change, for instance.

Mosaic tries something new: Avelo Airlines

Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick was looking for a cheap weekend flight to her home in Raleigh, North Carolina. She decided to take a risk and try the highly advertised low-fare Avelo Airlines. She shares her thoughts on her $29 flight experience.

Quitting: the lost art of choosing yourself

Quitting in American culture is seemingly reserved for those who have given up. Staff writer Percy Allen III grapples with the stigma of quitting as they reflect on their experience of leaving the university’s marching band.

I did a social media detox for nine months. Here’s what happened.

Nine months ago, Staff Writer Caroline Powell deleted all of her social media apps except Instagram. She discusses how her mental health, attention span and ability to stay present have improved since this change.

Summer 2023 in literature

Staff Writer Caroline Powell discusses a pick of her favorite books she read throughout summer break for those looking to find a new read or even get into reading as a hobby. Powell gives a brief synopsis of each book without spoiling the endings of the novels. Polarizing opposites, each book will fit whatever readers might be looking for, whether it's something dark and humorous or light-hearted and inspiring.

Mosaic tries something new: Trader Joe’s (it changed my life)

Staff Writer Caroline Powell has always heard about the marvelous magic that is Trader Joe’s. She has even been told that she looks like she’d shop there. However, there is no such magic in her small town of Bethany Beach. Everything finally changed when she took her first trip to a Trader Joe’s near the Christiana Mall – and she now understands the hype behind the brand-name grocery store.

Lens, lines and lunacy: My whirlwind day at Beaver Stadium

Amid the charged atmosphere of Penn State University's football coliseum, Managing Visuals and Layout Editor, Larissa Veronica Heather and her colleague Audrey Tong navigate unexpected challenges, from elusive access points to unspoken rivalries among fellow photographers.

Satire: How I Hengineered my way out of a fly infestation

Our university loves its on-brand Hengineers, but it’s about time that the honorary Hengineers get some attention too. Faced with a horrific fly infestation, Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick exhibits both Hengineer innovation and a burning passion in order to wipe out her enemy flies. Learn how one can fall victim to a fly infestation, as well as how the power of feminism and household items can aggressively end this atrocity.

Which is the best post–graduation plan?

Recently, on the beloved anonymous messaging app, SideChat, someone opened discussion for why students get criticized for staying home post-graduation instead of moving out immediately and getting a job. Staff Writer Caroline Powell talks about how “normal” it really is to not have that part figured out.

Toxic perfectionism and burnout

Burnout is a well-known concept that is recognized far more than it is addressed. Toxic perfectionism and overworking are common causes of burnout, especially among college students. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick and her friends share their personal experiences dealing with the consequences of perfection and burnout.