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Personal essay: Turning 20 and reflecting on the rollercoaster ride of teenage life

The process of turning 20 is a monumental one. Staff Writer Aliyah Jackson reflects on the highs and lows of being a teenager as the clock ticks to their 20th birthday and they must say goodbye to their teenage years.

Graduation horoscopes

Some of those graduating may be unsure about their futures or simply curious about what they’ll truly hold. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick and Staff Writer Percy Allen III rummaged their brains for each sign and created personalized predictions for their post-graduate endeavors.

Spotlighting mental health during the month of May

Staff Reporter Cayla Mutchnick discusses mental health tactics you can try during May, Mental Health Awareness Month.

Feature: Annabelle Brame’s senior fashion collection

The university’s fashion community has come together to create UD Fashion Week. Annabelle Brame, the co-president of Synergy Fashion Group, displayed her collection at the fashion show.

My curly hair regimen

In the past few years, Staff Writer Kel Marquez has embarked on a journey of finding the perfect curl routine. What once was a nest has since transformed into a defined head of curls, all because of her tried-and-true products. This list provides recommendations and tips for others who are learning to care for their natural hair type.

Queer art and representation at the university

The university’s programming board hosted an event with drag queens Alyssa Edwards and Shea Couleé. Many students were excited to hear that they were coming to perform on campus but also believe the university can do more for queer appreciation.

People-watching at the reservoir

At the top of the Newark Reservoir, you’ll find the most beautiful view of this small town many of us call home. While various people gather at the top to take it in, Staff Writer Kel Marquez writes about the experience and the strangers she meets along the way.

Maintaining friendships post-graduation

As graduation approaches, some might be wondering how they’ll stay in touch with their friends despite geographic distance. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick has some experience with doing this and shares exactly how to ensure your college friendships are timeless.

Farewell, The Review

After only two years at the university, Staff Writer Caroline Powell reflects on her time at The Review as graduation approaches.

Personal essay: The fear of asking for academic help as a “gifted kid”

Staff writer Aliyah Jackson dives into her struggles of learning to ask for academic help in college after being deemed a gifted student in adolescence, carrying that burden throughout her educational career.

On writing: Three undergraduates and their novel projects

Is writing a novel your dream accomplishment, or even simply an item on your bucket list? Does that feat seem impossibly far away because of your current academic commitments? If so, you may want to heed the words of Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves and Staff Writers Percy Allen III and Jeni Nance, three full-time undergraduate students who have written or are writing the first draft of their novels.

An American in Riga

Staff member Ethan Grandin gives travel advice from his study abroad trip to Riga, Latvia.

Personal essay: Let’s not forsake the postcard

Although still occasionally utilized for communication and commemoration, finding postcards – at least in Newark – is no longer an easy feat. Executive Editor Nadya Ellerhorst is forced to tackle the question: Have postcards lost their relevance?

How to discover your inner child and let them join in on the fun.

Staff Writer Caroline Powell explores the philosophical and psychological phenomenon of the concept of one’s “inner child.” She discusses the ways of incorporating this idea into your day-to-day life and relationships.