Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Main Street record shopping

There are three record stores on Main Street: Rainbow Records, Wonderland and International Groove Records. Staff Writer Alex Lavinson, an avid record collector, shares his experiences with these stores and their wide selections of hypnotizing sounds.

Album review: Drake’s “For All the Dogs” is for you too

Drake’s back at it again. With the release of yet another album, this time, it’s straight from “BARK Radio.” Staff Reporter Jake Harkey dives in to listen to all 23 tracks and gives his honest opinion on “the boy’s” latest release.

Movie review: “Killers of the Flower Moon”

“Killers of the Flower Moon” is the newest movie from acclaimed director, Martin Scorsese. See what Staff Writer Alex Lavinson has to say about the latest piece from the mind behind “Goodfellas” (1990) and “Taxi Driver” (1976).

Movie review: “Five Nights at Freddy’s”

Creepy animatronics, ghost children and a mysterious abandoned pizzeria – what's not to love? After nine years, the horror video game franchise “Five Nights at Freddy’s” was adapted into a movie. Staff Writers Danny Tull and Jeni Nance share their thoughts on the new film.

Anime review: “Attack on Titan” series finale left me in tears

10 years after the airing of its first episode, the series finale of the award-winning anime “Attack on Titan” is finally here. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves decides if the show is worth tuning into even if you don’t watch anime.

Album review: “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” will exceed your “Wildest Dreams”

Co-Managing Mosaic Editor (and full-time Swiftie) Gaby Nieves reviews Taylor Swift’s latest re-recorded album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” Welcome back to New York.

Christopher Nolan’s movies ranked

After watching “Oppenheimer” this summer, Staff Writer Alex Lavinson has since seen every Christopher Nolan-directed movie. Read and find out his favorites, least favorites and all that lies between.

Book review: “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Chalice of the Gods”

Since the original five-book run of his “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series, Rick Riordan has spent the past few years expanding his fictional world of teenage demigod dilemmas through multiple well-received spinoff series. The titular Percy Jackson returns to the spotlight with Riordan’s latest release, and as a huge “Olympians” fan, Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves has some thoughts to share.

Book review: Does “It Starts With Us” give Lily the ending she deserves?

Staff Writer Jeni Nance shares her thoughts on the sequel to one of Colleen Hoover’s most popular books, “It Starts With Us.” The book was released six years after the original due to fans on TikTok wanting more.

Why “Jennifer’s Body” remains the icon of Halloween 14 years post-release

Staff Writer Percy Allen III takes a retrospective look into the 2009 film “Jennifer’s Body” to answer the question of how the film is so iconic – both for its time as well as today.

Movie Review: “Dumb Money” (2023)

“Dumb Money” is the comedic, yet historical account of how a group of Reddit stock investors blindsided billionaire hedge fund managers by boosting GameStop (GME) stock “to the moon.” See what Staff Writer Alex Lavinson has to say about the new movie starring Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, America Ferrera and many more.

My experience at the Jonas Brothers concert

Staff Writer Jennifer Nance shares her experience attending the Jonas Brothers’ concert at the Capital One Stadium on Sept. 23.

Book Review: Is “ It Ends With Us” worth the hype?

Staff Writer Jeni Nance gives her take on one of Colleen Hoover’s most popular books, “It Ends with Us,” which regained popularity on TikTok.

The ghost of bumble past

College-aged individuals are generally familiar with the world of dating apps. What they may be less acquainted with are the ghosts of said dating apps. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick shares what it’s like to be haunted by your past of online dating.
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