Thursday, January 26, 2023

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Movie Review: “M3GAN” is a clever synthesis of our worst fears

With 2023 has come the release of “M3GAN,” a film centering on the namesake robotic toy, her inventor and the girl she’ll do anything to safeguard. Staff Writer Nadya Ellerhorst shares her thoughts on the latest, modern take on the killer doll genre.

Watch what you say: The potential implications of celebrity actions on impressionable age groups

Antisemitism is rising online and was exacerbated by Kanye West’s recent derogatory posts and statements. How have these actions affected society thus far, and what are the consequences of influential celebrities regurgitating this highly damaging rhetoric?

“What is worth more, art or life?”: My thoughts on protest methodology in the era of climate change

Amid climate change’s worsening effects and the nihilism that accompanies it, climate protestors are using contentious methods to combat environmental injustice. After Just Stop Oil protestors threw tomato soup at Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” many criticized the channel for the protestors’ message as it involved the defacement of art. Did the protestors’ methodology cross the line?

Commentary: “Stranger Things” and its resonance on Generation Z

In the six years that "Stranger Things” has been in the media, it has captured quite the audience, specifically with Gen Z. Why does “Stranger Things” hold so much intrigue on this particular group? Nostalgia, relatability, digital culture and binge watching are all contributing factors to the resonance the show has on Gen Z.

The infamous Oscar slap has deeper implications than a bruise

BY MIA GALLOAssociate Mosaic Editor The moment actor Will Smith’s palm made contact with comedian Chris Rock’s cheek, the world outside the Dolby Theater seemingly...

Commentary: “Euphoria” illustrates the complexity of addiction, abuse and toxic positivity

BY MIA GALLO Associate Mosaic Editor I have been patiently waiting since Aug. 4, 2019, for “Euphoria” to return to my television. The...

“Red (Taylor’s Version):” New recording of songs that fans know all too well

I attended “The Red Tour” in 2013 and my love for the songs has only grown.

“Missing white woman syndrome:” A barrier to justice

The Petito case shows that it can be found in the permutations of systemic racism in missing person’s cases.

Playlist of the Week: Justice Issue edition

See what our staff has been listening to this week!

…And that’s a tough pill to swallow: Injury Reserve’s “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”

Where can I even begin by describing how complex this album is?

Commentary: John Mulaney, back in town

His new show caused me to have a series of emotions, from tears of laughter to tears of joy.

Commentary: Why does everybody hate AOC’s Met Gala dress?

The dress, designed by Aurora James, has garnered some strong reactions from all sides of the political spectrum, and frankly, it’s difficult to parse through it all.

Kanye West breathes new life into his discography with “Donda”

“Donda,” originally announced for release in the summer of 2020, resurfaced in the news in a surprising fashion this June.

From stage to the silver screen: What stars are saying about long-awaited “In the Heights” blockbuster

In spite of the struggles immigrants grapple with, the cast found it gratifying to be able to share these experiences with a universal audience.
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