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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Photo gallery: Men’s soccer versus No. 12 Maryland

At their home stadium, the Blue Hens took the No. 12 Maryland Terrapins to overtime, but the visitors prevailed 1-0 off of a goal in the 98th minute.

Photo Gallery: Views of the Blue Hens rowing team

Photographer Sarah Boekholder documented the Blue Hens rowing team's practice last Wednesday.

Revisiting the Scrounge throughout the years

Staff Reporter Donovan Aldridge provides a visual history of The Scrounge.

Photo gallery: Delaware football’s road trip to Rutgers

The Blue Hens fell to 2-1 on the year after losing to Rutgers in a 45-13 decision, their first regular season loss since 2019.

Photo gallery: A closer look into Delaware football’s home opener

The smoke cleared on Saturday for the Blue Hens to notch a 27-10 win versus St. Francis in their home opener.

Photo gallery: Sights and scenes from Blue Hens football training camp

Delaware football's training camp is in full swing as the team prepares for its season opener, a road matchup versus Maine on Thursday, Sep 2,

Madison Drive: the forgotten part of District 4

Madison Drive, which was described as a “fruit basket” full of different people with different backgrounds, consists of a combination of apartments, townhomes and homes owned by housing authority.

Students with scholarships reflect

Three university students spoke with Senior Reporter Thuy Blumenfeld on the scholarships they have received and how it impacts their academic careers.

How to waste your money on Amazon

We must ask not what we can do for capitalism, but what capitalism can do for us.

The rise of resale fashion: Why students made the shift to thrift shopping

Fashion resale might seem like an unlikely industry to flourish during a global pandemic.

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