Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Recent arrest leads to questions about campus alerts

The arrest of a student on campus went unknown for months to many in the university community. As people are finally beginning to find out about it, questions are raised about how students are notified of security threats on campus.

A 22-year-old shaking up Danish politics leaves his mark on campus

From car sizes to the ages of politicians, European Parliament nominee Mathias Niebuhr shared his experience in Denmark’s political sphere, leaving university students to compare his country to their own. Associate News Editor Tabitha Reeves has the story on Niebuhr’s Danish perspective and the thoughts of student attendees.

How university faculty plan to tackle and make the most of revolutionary ChatGPT

ChatGPT’s rapid rise in popularity this winter poses many questions regarding academic honesty and the future of writing. But professors at the university are not shying away from the online chatbot; instead, they are embracing it.

Frigid temperatures cause flooding at University Courtyard Apartments

Starting back in December, flooding and water damage were reported at the University Courtyard Apartments. Now, with 97 students relocated to nearby hotels and construction underway, Residence Life & Housing sheds some light on the situation.

F.B.I. searches the university for Biden’s classified documents

The investigation into President Biden’s mishandled documents made its way to the university on Feb. 15, when the F.B.I. arrived to search university archives. Between anonymous sources and classified information, the confirmed information students are left with is little, but Associate News Editor Tabitha Reeves explores what is known so far.

Approaching political classes in a polarized society

Despite the polarized state of politics, discussion of political news is still encouraged in the classroom. Staff reporter Risha Inaganti explores the art of mastering political discourse in a world that is so divided.

April showers bring May flowers … and lots of puddles at the university 

Every year the university gets seasonal rain that creates mass amounts of puddles across campus. Why are university sidewalks plagued with these puddles, and how are they affecting university students?

A deep dive into the real reason behind the “controlled detonation” on the Green

Staff reporters Risha Inaganti and Macayla Cook take a deeper look into how the university handled the now infamous “bomb” detonation that took place on campus. Students share their reaction to the situation and their opinion on the university’s handling of the occurrence.

The Turkish-American Student Association takes steps to relieve earthquake survivors

In light of the earthquakes that recently rocked Turkey and Syria, the Turkish-American Student Association hosted a donation drive, the Center for Global Programs and Services encouraged solidarity and President Assanis sent an email. Associate News Editor Tabitha Reeves has the story on how the university community has been impacted and how students can help.

The Delaware’s General Assembly signs Eating Disorder Awareness and Prevention Week into law

The Delaware General Assembly has recently passed a bill declaring the week of Feb. 27 to March 5 as Eating Disorder Awareness and Prevention week. Staff Reporter Tess Williams talks to eating disorder specialists on campus and previews the events and resources that will be available in this newly created week.

Perkins pasta pop-up: La Casa Pasta joining Local Restaurant Row for first month of spring semester

The beginning of the semester always gives students a fresh start with new classes and opportunities. This spring, students will also find a fresh pop-up restaurant. Staff Reporter Joshua Ciliberti has the story on Perkins Student Center’s latest addition.

Biden’s senatorial papers: a revelation for university students

Amidst investigations surrounding classified documents found at President Biden’s home and former offices, interest in his senatorial papers has been renewed. Currently undergoing curation in Morris Library and not available to the public, many students are not aware of the collection many Republican lawmakers are demanding be searched.

Everything you should know about parking in Newark in 2023

Get your wallets ready for the spring semester if you are bringing a car back with you, as parking just got more expensive in Newark. Editor-in-Chief Tara Lennon breaks down everything students need to know about parking in municipal lots off campus, from increased parking rates to pesky fines for parking violations.

Breaking: Isolated hazardous materials situation developing on campus

Just after noon on the third day of classes, students’ phones pinged with a UD Alert stating that an investigation was underway for a safety related incident at Lammot Dupont Lab. Two hours later another alert communicated further buildings would be closed and evacuated, notably Memorial Hall, Allison Hall, Hugh Morris Library, Brown Lab and Drake Lab. Students were urged to avoid The Green as well.