Tuesday, July 16, 2024


Delaware lawmakers pass firearm legislation  

A bill making its way through the Delaware legislature would make it a misdemeanor to possess a firearm on campus and colleges across the state.

Retired university professor Dennis Jackson passes, students reflect on his impact

After the passing of retired university professor Dennis Jackson, former students shared their memories of him and the impact he had on their lives.

Trump guilty on all felony counts

Donald Trump, former president and current presumptive 2024 Republican ticket nominee, was found guilty of 34 felony counts. This makes the former president the first convicted felon to have held office.

Newark’s Bike to Work Day Celebration represents the growing space for cyclists in the city 

The landscape for bicyclists in Newark is ever-changing and soon to be improved with initiatives led by Bike Newarkm, a local nonprofit. Bike Newark hosted a National Bike to Work Day Celebration at the university to commemorate those who regularly bike and have contributed to making Newark a safe place for bikers.

Amy Trauth, Christina School District’s newest school board member 

Amy Trauth, Christina’s newest school board member, spoke to The Review about her new role and the plans she has for the future. She will be sworn in this coming July.

University police monitors senior pictures in fountain

Since photos at the fountain have become a popular senior tradition at the university, UDPD monitors senior pictures at the fountain on the South Green.

College Democrats host Matt Meyer and Collin O’Mara

The College Democrats hosted two candidates running for governor May 10. Both answered a series of questions from the College Democrats and talked to those in the group.

Celebrating sustainably: A look into the university’s Graduation Gown Recycling program

With over four million people in the United States graduating college in 2022, the total number of graduation gowns produced yearly continues to increase. To combat the strain put on the environment and its resources, the university’s Office of Sustainability has begun a program that mitigates graduation's environmental impact and helps those in financial need.

A graduation with twice the weight: Class of 2024 finally crosses the stage 

The graduating class of 2024 reflects on what it is like to finally replace the memory of their drive-through high school graduations with the image of accepting their diploma on a stage, surrounded by family and friends for their college graduations.

New Biomedical Journal Club seeks to engage students with research interest

At the beginning of the spring semester, pre-medical students at the university decided to start their very own journal club and are excited to finally get things off the ground.

As graduate students attempt to make ends meet, stipends set to increase

Graduate College Dean Lou Rossi, graduate students and the Graduate Student Government (GSG) all weigh in on the current minimum stipend levels for graduate students and what is to come in terms of future increases as soon as this fall.

University student arrested for alleged hate crime during Holocaust Remembrance Week

A university student was arrested on three charges including a hate crime with underlying offense after allegedly destroying elements of a memorial put on by Hillel Student Life to recognize Holocaust Remembrance Week.

The Music Makers club gives students a space to create original music

Created this year by freshmen Lola Babalola and Taryn Fields, the Music Makers club allows students to come together and work on original music.

Exclusive: Assanis on the future of the university budget, athletics and free speech

As the school year comes to an end, university President Dennis Assanis sat down for an exclusive interview to discuss a variety of plans for the future.