Thursday, November 30, 2023


Ring cameras: A popular choice for off-campus students

Moving off campus can be a hard transition, but many students are making a purchase that creates a sense of safety and security: a Ring camera.

As enrollment decreases, hope for no more forced triples increases

The university’s dramatic increase in admissions last year led to many unsatisfied students unable to find the housing they wanted. An interview with enrollment faculty sheds light onto what the university has learned from the experience and what they plan to do in the future.

As Biden administration pushes debt relief efforts, students weigh in on college costs

The Biden administration is determined to drastically reduce American student loan debt. With new additions to its efforts, students comment on their increasing awareness of how national debt relief could impact both individuals with student loans and the future of education in general.

Library employees weigh in on resources available for students

Molly Olney-Zide, the instruction and outreach librarian at the university and Lori Birrell, the director of Special Collections & Museums, share resources available at Morris Library. However, the resources often go unnoticed by students.

Annual turkey pardoning should remind Americans to be grateful, Biden says

On Nov. 1, President Joe Biden continued the 76-year tradition of pardoning two Thanksgiving turkeys from becoming a holiday meal. The event featured not only Biden’s blessing of the fowls, but also words of encouragement to Americans in light of current affairs.

The UAW strike against American automakers is nearing the end, but why is this such a big deal?

Union workers and Detroit are to make “historic” deals after six weeks on strike. Here's what to know about the deals offered by Ford, General Motors and Stellantis.

No more COVID-19 vaccination cards, so what now?

The CDC will no longer print and distribute vaccination cards for COVID-19. The university made immunizations to the virus its top priority when reopening campus – what does this new update mean for the university and its students?

A look into what Sean’s House can offer students

Just off of campus on West Main Street sits Sean’s House, a space that has become popular with students in recent years. Find out how staff provide basic mental health needs to students in a welcoming environment.

From classroom to construction: Small business owners discuss their roads to entrepreneurship

From handmade accessories to creating a lasting impact on a university engineering class, college entrepreneurs share their experiences of owning small businesses on campus. They lend advice to owners and consumers of small businesses, as well as shed light on the advantages that the university has given them to succeed.

Students and UDPD reflect on crosswalk safety at the university

Whether outside of Trabant Student Center, on Main Street or otherwise, students cross the street on a daily basis. Given that many pay little regard to crossing laws, UDPD and students discuss the importance of crosswalk safety.

Installation four years in the making represents casualties at US-Mexico border

Anthropology professor Georgina Ramsey and her team completed their installation in Munroe Hall after four years of work. Now, 3,000 tags representing the deaths of undocumented migrants hang on a classroom wall as a visualization of U.S.-Mexico border violence.

$16.4 billion to be allocated for student-heavy Northeast Corridor of Amtrak

A former Amtrak rider himself, President Joe Biden came to Bear, Delaware, to announce that $16.4 billion will be allocated to the Northeast Corridor of Amtrak. Students who ride the train frequently share their thoughts regarding Amtrak's current state.

Biden Institute event seeks to bridge information gaps regarding Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Adjunct Political Science Professor Kamran Bokhari presented the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Oct. 17. The Biden Institute event was open to all members of the community as a way to address student concerns and provide an accurate background of the topic at large.

University opens Center for Intercultural Engagement to provide an inclusive environment

The university takes its next step in promoting diversity and inclusion through the opening of the Center for Intercultural Engagement. The center aims to promote engagement from students of all backgrounds.