Monday, September 25, 2023

Campus News

Autistic students reflect on their experiences with disclosure and acceptance at the university

Co-Managing News Editor Tabitha Reeves dives into the experience of autistic students at the university, as sources share what the university does well, where it can improve and whether issues faced are unique to this campus alone.

“Assume that it’s in your backyard because it is”: The university’s fight against gender violence

In July, a university student faced charges after an alleged incident of attempted strangulation and false imprisonment in a campus dorm room. Staff Reporter Macayla Cook investigates what the university is doing in the present to prevent further incidents of gender-based violence on campus.

Feeding the flock: University dining services reimagines the on-campus culinary scene for the fall semester

With the start of a brand new semester, the university is offering a refreshed on-campus dining experience. Staff Reporter Joshua Ciliberti has the inside scoop on dining services’ expanded hours, options and sustainability initiative.

Majority of Perkins Student Center closed Thursday evening due to sewer issue

On Thursday night, the majority of Perkins Student Center was closed down due to a sewage issue. The first floor reopened Friday morning, but the downstairs area remained blocked off.

Building X: What students should expect from university’s project on East Delaware Avenue

The university is building a new facility called Building X, which hopes to expand the foundational sciences, increase space for better research, and provide new technological resources to aid research. The building will be open for students and faculty, and will be used for modern research, education, experimentation and more.

Feature: One freshman shares her story of challenges and triumphs

Anna Harootunian was recovering from a major operation totaling six surgeries not even two years ago. But now, Harootunian, who has cerebral palsy, is a freshman at the university and ready to take on the next step of her remarkable journey.

Student arrest sparks tension between Christina School District and university

Since UDPD arrested a high school graduate at the beginning of summer, the university has received ongoing backlash from both Christina School District and the Newark community.

University denies wrongdoing, but settles lawsuits over 2020 campus shutdown

When the cost of attendance did not decrease after classes moved online during the pandemic, some students took legal action, advocating for tuition refunds. Over the summer, the university made national news when it settled one such campus shutdown lawsuit, entitling students of spring 2020 to partial tuition refunds.

Students speak out concerning bicycle safety on campus

Staff reporter Benjamin Carroll interviews student bicyclists about their safety concerns while riding and the advice they have for students on staying safe when traveling around campus.

The Office of Sustainability opens its doors to the university community

The university is looking to create a more sustainable campus, inside and outside the classroom. The new Office of Sustainability has led to hopes of increasing the university’s sustainability ranking and attracting more prospective students in the years to come.

Students with food allergies navigate campus dining

The food inclusivity of the dining halls is a recurring inconvenience for students with allergies at the university. Staff Reporter Haley Glazier explores how the university caters to people with allergens and speaks to students with firsthand experience.

The future of the university’s journalism program

Throughout the past two years, the university’s journalism minor has been moved and changed to fit the new demands of the world of journalism. Staff Reporter Nya Wynn discusses these new changes with faculty members involved with the journalism department.

University fails to break world record, causing disappointment among students

The university recently tried to break the Guinness World Record for largest ice cream party. With a smaller-than-anticipated turnout and students departing before the ice cream was served, many expressed their disappointment and irritation with the event.

Incoming student receives substantial scholarship to play Super Smash Brothers for university eSports team

Anthony Casale, Delaware local and recent high school graduate, committed to play for the university’s eSports team in the fall. Being a top player in Super Smash Brothers, Casale received a substantial scholarship to the university, one of the largest ones they have given out for eSports.
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