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Newark’s Bike to Work Day Celebration represents the growing space for cyclists in the city 

The landscape for bicyclists in Newark is ever-changing and soon to be improved with initiatives led by Bike Newarkm, a local nonprofit. Bike Newark hosted a National Bike to Work Day Celebration at the university to commemorate those who regularly bike and have contributed to making Newark a safe place for bikers.

Mike Ramone, one of Delaware’s leading Republicans, is running for Governor

House Minority Leader Mike Ramone has filed to run for governor in Delaware, joining one other Republican in doing so. The primary election for governor takes place Sept. 10.

Exit, pursued by a Delabear: Exploring the lore of the First State’s favorite visitor

The Delabear has made surprise appearances time and again in the First State, seemingly vanishing as soon almost as quickly as it manifests. Years have passed since Delabear’s last visit, but its fame is apparently far from forgotten.

Exclusive: State Senator Sarah McBride, Delaware’s face of change

State Senator Sarah McBride is running to be the first transgender representative in the U.S. House of Representatives, the latest in her groundbreaking career.

Delaware cancels Republican presidential primary

The Delaware Department of Elections announced that the state's Republican presidential primary was canceled. Tuesday's announcement came after the passage of a bill by the state legislature.

Delaware Democratic Forum showcases candidates ahead of September primary elections

The Delaware Democratic Candidate Forum took place March 3. In attendance were candidates for Delaware’s local, state and federal offices. The Review asked them about issues facing them in their upcoming election.

Delaware farmers markets achieve record-breaking 2023 revenue

Delaware farmers markets experienced an unprecedentedly high profit in 2023. Experts and students explain the uptick and what sets farms apart from traditional grocery stores.

UDPD and Newark Police partner for pedestrian mobility safety education

A new campaign to educate the public on pedestrian safety is underway as local law enforcement join forces to pass out pamphlets, not tickets.

How the Newark community rallied together to save its train station

Due for $700,000 worth of repairs in its old age, the Newark Passenger Train Station was expected to be sold last year. The building is not only one of the most iconic in the city, it is also home to the Newark History Museum, which caused the community to fight for its upkeep.

‘Not just squirting water and climbing ladders’: An inside look at Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company

In an unpredictable job, the Aetna fire department relies on camaraderie and trust to keep the local community safe. The Review takes a deep dive into the people behind Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company.

$16.4 billion to be allocated for student-heavy Northeast Corridor of Amtrak

A former Amtrak rider himself, President Joe Biden came to Bear, Delaware, to announce that $16.4 billion will be allocated to the Northeast Corridor of Amtrak. Students who ride the train frequently share their thoughts regarding Amtrak's current state.

University freshman killed in motorcycle accident last week

A freshman mechanical engineering student and member of the marching band was killed last week in a motorcycle accident. Delaware State Police reported to the scene of the crash, which was about an hour south of campus.

New apartment building signifies a shift in Newark’s housing market and downtown skyline

Recent construction of a new five-story building on East Main Street could signify the start of changes in Newark's housing market and skyline. With new units on the market, university students have more opportunities to find off-campus housing, and some hope that new units will start to bring down rent prices throughout the city.

Delaware’s new official state dog: The Rescue Dog

Senate Bill 37, signed by Governor John Carney at Wilmington’s Humane Animal Partners on May 30, declared “The Rescue Dog” as Delaware’s official state dog. In attendance of the signing were many government representatives and staff of local animal shelters.
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