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Delaware’s new official state dog: The Rescue Dog

Senate Bill 37, signed by Governor John Carney at Wilmington’s Humane Animal Partners on May 30, declared “The Rescue Dog” as Delaware’s official state dog. In attendance of the signing were many government representatives and staff of local animal shelters.

Newark’s tap water: How safe is it to drink? 

From the taps in the residence halls to the water filling stations in campus buildings, students are constantly examining the best and safest places to fill their water bottles. Editor-in-Chief Tara Lennon talks to water treatment experts at the university and in the City of Newark to discover how safe the drinking water in Newark actually is.

The Delaware’s General Assembly signs Eating Disorder Awareness and Prevention Week into law

The Delaware General Assembly has recently passed a bill declaring the week of Feb. 27 to March 5 as Eating Disorder Awareness and Prevention week. Staff Reporter Tess Williams talks to eating disorder specialists on campus and previews the events and resources that will be available in this newly created week.

The dialogue on abortion in Delaware and Newark

Staff Reporter Adi Stein reflects on abortion rights and the dialogue around them in Delaware and on campus, with the Planned Parenthood in Newark at the center of those conversations. This semester, the clinic has been the location of scattered protests held by pro-life supporters.

Student perspectives on marijuana legalization in Delaware

After a bill that would have legalized up to one ounce of marijuana for people 21 years and over got vetoed yet again, residents in Delaware are frustrated. Students at the university share their opinions on this issue.

Sororities and safety: Reflecting on safety at the university one year after alleged assault case triggered protest

Female students express their dissatisfaction with sexual assault prevention from the university and explain how sororities have taken matters into their own hands.

A local coalition’s fight against the state to preserve community health and protect the environment

An expansion upon the Port of Wilmington will bring environmental and health risks to local residents. One community group is fighting to have their voices heard, as the expansion permit process charges along.

Recapping the Delaware primaries: nominations, upcoming midterm elections and voter turnout

With midterm elections approaching, the last of state primaries are wrapping up around the country, including in Delaware. On Tuesday, Sept. 13, Delawareans cast their votes in statewide primary elections to determine the final party ballots for Election Day on Nov. 8. 

Delaware politicians weigh in on the crisis in Ukraine

As Ukrainians are experiencing life-threatening bomb strikes and taking up arms to defend their sovereignty, Delaware politicians on both sides of the aisle are offering their opinions on the situation.

University requests $4.7 million for increased financial aid; plans for Pell Grant recipients to pay no cost in future

Assanis said that the university aims to eliminate the cost of tuition, fees and room and board for Pell-eligible students.

Gov. Carney lifts statewide indoor mask mandate, extends mask mandate for schools

A universal indoor mask mandate in Delaware is set to be lifted on Friday, while the state's school mask requirements are set to be lifted late next month, Governor John Carney announced on Monday, Feb. 7.

Gov. Carney issues indoor mask mandate for Delaware residents

As of Jan. 11, all individuals kindergarten-aged and older are required to wear a mask while in any indoor space open to the public regardless of vaccination status.

Distrust, bureaucracy and a lack of messengers: why many are still reluctant to seek vaccinations more than a year into the pandemic

Many experts no longer believe that the United States will reach the vaunted herd immunity threshold that is necessary for population-wide immunity from the virus, largely due to vaccine hesitancy.

Delaware General Assembly: 2021 Recap

The Delaware General Assembly met virtually this year and was joined by eight newly-elected Senators and Representatives. Here are some of the highlights.
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