Monday, September 25, 2023

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Newark’s tap water: How safe is it to drink? 

From the taps in the residence halls to the water filling stations in campus buildings, students are constantly examining the best and safest places to fill their water bottles. Editor-in-Chief Tara Lennon talks to water treatment experts at the university and in the City of Newark to discover how safe the drinking water in Newark actually is.

Shooting at Christiana Mall: Concerned students face university silence 

On April 8, three people were shot and five others were injured in a shooting at Christiana Mall. University students share what they experienced during the incident, as well as their thoughts on the university’s response with Managing News Editor Clara Kinken.

Everything you should know about parking in Newark in 2023

Get your wallets ready for the spring semester if you are bringing a car back with you, as parking just got more expensive in Newark. Editor-in-Chief Tara Lennon breaks down everything students need to know about parking in municipal lots off campus, from increased parking rates to pesky fines for parking violations.

Sororities and safety: Reflecting on safety at the university one year after alleged assault case triggered protest

Female students express their dissatisfaction with sexual assault prevention from the university and explain how sororities have taken matters into their own hands.

Despite initial controversy, construction on the Green Mansion and Main Street hotel continues

Recent construction on Main Street’s Green Mansion has attracted many eyes, as key features are being taken off or changed. Some have no doubt the history of the building will be preserved, but others worry how these new changes will affect the overall feel of the building.

Newark City Council targets parties and pools this summer

Over the summer the Newark City Council spent time making adjustments to various legislations. Here are the most notable changes that students who plan to be on campus this year should be aware of.

Students and community members rally for and against abortion rights on two sides of the Green

BY TARA LENNONEditor-in-ChiefAND MIA GALLOExecutive Editor In lieu of the Supreme Court’s leaked opinion on Roe v. Wade, students and locals rallied together in a...

Improving the safety of the New London-West Main railroad crossing

BY TABITHA REEVESStaff Reporter In the early hours of April 23, the lives of two university students were permanently altered when a train collided with...

Sean’s House expands free mental health services for students

Sean’s House provides unlimited support to the local community — whether through mental health awareness, suicide prevention education, referrals or peer counseling.

Main Street’s main attraction: Stone Balloon celebrates 50-year anniversary

50 years later, the Stone Balloon remains one of the most popular spots on Main Street.

Train strikes car stuck on railway track in Newark, charges filed against driver of car

On Wednesday, March 9, a vehicle stuck on the track at the intersection of West Main Street and New London Avenue in Newark was hit by a train. 

Development projects on Main Street and the struggle to house students

The push to create more off-campus student housing from developers has resulted in some opposition from community members who are reluctant to see Main Street transform.

University student charged in connection with armed robbery, home invasion

Christopher Robinson, a junior at the university, was arrested at his residence in the University Courtyard Apartments on Jan. 11 in connection with two recent robberies, police stated. 

University alum and IndutexUSA President George Gianforcaro gives insight on career path and company’s pandemic efforts

George Gianforcaro’s “million dollars a day” mantra began in 2005, when he started his own company, IndutexUSA. Now, over a decade in as president of the company, that mindset is being fulfilled, but more than just profit and success matter to Gianforcaro.
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