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Newark City Council unanimously passes proposed student tax resolution

A tense Newark City Council meeting included heavy opposition of a proposed per-student tax by the city. Ultimately, council members passed the resolution unanimously, meaning they will now ask state lawmakers to approve the charter amendment so the tax can be levied.

How the Newark community rallied together to save its train station

Due for $700,000 worth of repairs in its old age, the Newark Passenger Train Station was expected to be sold last year. The building is not only one of the most iconic in the city, it is also home to the Newark History Museum, which caused the community to fight for its upkeep.

‘Not just squirting water and climbing ladders’: An inside look at Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company

In an unpredictable job, the Aetna fire department relies on camaraderie and trust to keep the local community safe. The Review takes a deep dive into the people behind Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company.

Annual turkey pardoning should remind Americans to be grateful, Biden says

On Nov. 1, President Joe Biden continued the 76-year tradition of pardoning two Thanksgiving turkeys from becoming a holiday meal. The event featured not only Biden’s blessing of the fowls, but also words of encouragement to Americans in light of current affairs.

$16.4 billion to be allocated for student-heavy Northeast Corridor of Amtrak

A former Amtrak rider himself, President Joe Biden came to Bear, Delaware, to announce that $16.4 billion will be allocated to the Northeast Corridor of Amtrak. Students who ride the train frequently share their thoughts regarding Amtrak's current state.

Man charged with strangulation of university student behind Sypherd Hall

A 21-year-old Wilmington man was charged with strangulation after allegedly choking a woman behind Sypherd Hall on Oct. 29. The victim, a university undergraduate, denied being strangled. However, court records show how UDPD procured witness accounts that led to the charges being pressed.

University freshman killed in motorcycle accident last week

A freshman mechanical engineering student and member of the marching band was killed last week in a motorcycle accident. Delaware State Police reported to the scene of the crash, which was about an hour south of campus.

Coffee at the university: More than just a daily pick-me-up?

In light of Starbucks on Main Street unexpectedly shutting down at the beginning of the semester, university students and Starbucks staff share their thoughts and opinions on coffee being a major part of student culture.

New apartment building signifies a shift in Newark’s housing market and downtown skyline

Recent construction of a new five-story building on East Main Street could signify the start of changes in Newark's housing market and skyline. With new units on the market, university students have more opportunities to find off-campus housing, and some hope that new units will start to bring down rent prices throughout the city.

Newark’s tap water: How safe is it to drink? 

From the taps in the residence halls to the water filling stations in campus buildings, students are constantly examining the best and safest places to fill their water bottles. Editor-in-Chief Tara Lennon talks to water treatment experts at the university and in the City of Newark to discover how safe the drinking water in Newark actually is.

Shooting at Christiana Mall: Concerned students face university silence 

On April 8, three people were shot and five others were injured in a shooting at Christiana Mall. University students share what they experienced during the incident, as well as their thoughts on the university’s response with Managing News Editor Clara Kinken.

Everything you should know about parking in Newark in 2023

Get your wallets ready for the spring semester if you are bringing a car back with you, as parking just got more expensive in Newark. Editor-in-Chief Tara Lennon breaks down everything students need to know about parking in municipal lots off campus, from increased parking rates to pesky fines for parking violations.

Sororities and safety: Reflecting on safety at the university one year after alleged assault case triggered protest

Female students express their dissatisfaction with sexual assault prevention from the university and explain how sororities have taken matters into their own hands.

Despite initial controversy, construction on the Green Mansion and Main Street hotel continues

Recent construction on Main Street’s Green Mansion has attracted many eyes, as key features are being taken off or changed. Some have no doubt the history of the building will be preserved, but others worry how these new changes will affect the overall feel of the building.
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