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Local News

University student charged in connection with armed robbery, home invasion

Christopher Robinson, a junior at the university, was arrested at his residence in the University Courtyard Apartments on Jan. 11 in connection with two recent robberies, police stated. 

University alum and IndutexUSA President George Gianforcaro gives insight on career path and company’s pandemic efforts

George Gianforcaro’s “million dollars a day” mantra began in 2005, when he started his own company, IndutexUSA. Now, over a decade in as president of the company, that mindset is being fulfilled, but more than just profit and success matter to Gianforcaro.

It must be something in the (Newark) water

A few weeks after junior Katie Mauer returned to Newark for the school year, she noticed a change in her hair and skin. The alleged cause? Newark water.

The regeneration of Tribal land continues for the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware

Over 30 volunteers from Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania came to help plant 200 native species of trees and berries on the half-acre plot of Tribal land in the Village of Fork Branch.

Newark to rework private gathering ordinance as COVID-19 cases rise on campus

Newark City Council will begin to pursue an updated ordinance regarding private gatherings within city limits following Monday night’s virtual meeting.

“Move with the currents”: City locals and officials react to the flood of students into Newark

Awaiting the return of the full student population this fall, city locals and officials face a mixture of emotions.

Private gathering restrictions possible as Newark’s COVID-19 numbers creep towards reinstatement

Newark’s private gathering restrictions could return sometime during the upcoming fall after the Newark City Council discussed the matter with City Manager Tom Coleman at its Aug. 23 meeting.

COVID-19 has forced the Food Bank of Delaware to change its operations

Since the onslaught of COVID-19, the Food Bank of Delaware has adjusted its operations to continue to serve those who need food assistance.

Delaware’s first Kung Fu Tea opens on Main Street

In April 2021, Main Street gained another bubble tea shop, Kung Fu Tea.

Newark History Museum’s 2021 Exhibits: 100th Anniversary of the Newark Country Club and “Did You Grow Up in Newark?”

During its off-season, the Newark History Museum curates new exhibits. For the 2021 season, the museum has debuted two new exhibits: 100th Anniversary of the Newark Country Club and “Did You Grow Up in Newark?”

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