Monday, September 25, 2023


The pros of seeing an off-Broadway show

Off-Broadway shows are often a cheaper alternative to seeing a show on Broadway without losing the quality of a Broadway production. Associate Arts & Culture editor Beth Wojciechowski explores the pros of seeing a show off-Broadway and details her first experience with off-Broadway theater.

Opinion: Are Disney’s most recent live action remakes a flop?

Staff Reporter Jeni Nance discusses her stance on the recent wave of Disney remakes and adaptations that are introducing characters of color, and why a lack of original stories including characters with different ethnic backgrounds is concerning.

Editorial: UDPD’s graduation arrest shines a light on unfair policing on campus

The delay in revealing evidence after an innocent high schooler was arrested after graduation showcases concerning differences between what actually happened and what was initially reported by the UDPD, bringing about some important questions about students and their relationship with the UDPD on campus.

Letters from the Editors

Editor-in-Chief Konner Metz and Executive Editor Nadya Ellerhorst share their thoughts as The Review heads into another year of operation serving university students and the surrounding community.

Opinion: The university recognizes we have a sustainability problem

The university recently announced that it appointed two new experts to co-lead the Office of Sustainability. However, the university has historically lacked sustainable practices on campus, affecting its reputation among students. Staff Writer Caroline Powell discusses things we could be doing to enhance sustainability on campus.

Editorial: The university’s messaging is missing the point

The university utilizes email newsletters to communicate with its students about important campus events, announcements and general information. Recently, these newsletters have been written in ways that stray from the university’s stated values of “diversity and inclusion” and “community.” The Review staff shares its response to these newsletters and the university’s tone-deafness, at times.

Opinion: Our higher education system is failing us 

Surpassing all others, there is a single factor that high-achieving students need to obtain college acceptance and funding: financial privilege. Development Officer Kelsey Wagner argues that money is key to understanding college admissions.

Opinion: The NCAA caffeine bans are reasonable

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has had restrictions on caffeine for two decades, but some individuals have only recently learned about these restrictions – and have had a lot to say about it. Caffeine is classified by the NCAA as a banned substance. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick explains why she agrees with the classification and how caffeine can be a performance enhancing drug.

Opinion: The future of geographic information systems for local journalism

With the drastic decline in local newspapers, many local news stations are looking for ways to increase community engagement and the amount of unique content they’re publishing. Staff reporter Nya Wynn analyzes how GIS can be a useful tool for journalists in finding relevant information for communities.

Opinion: the cyber “wild west”: How do we monitor the chaos?

Contributing Writer Shreeya Parekh explores the recent cyberattacks potentially sponsored by North Korea on the American and South Korean healthcare industries. Despite the devastating harms caused by these attacks, most people view cybersecurity as a strictly technical field, argues Parekh. Cybersecurity is more than just lines of code, as it affects all aspects of our digital lives.

Opinion: The Willow Project and why it should end

Contributing Reporter Lily Cloyd argues against the Willow Project, a controversial oil and gas drilling project in Alaska under ConocoPhillips. Cloyd writes that the project will harm the climate and the planet’s future under the guise of economic stability and a boost in energy production.

Gun violence is a terrible reality of our generation, and we need the university to protect us

Recent incidents of gun violence have highlighted the vulnerability of college campuses. The Review staff shares its response to the news and encourages the university to do more to protect its students.

Opinion: If we don’t take action now, the Bethany Beach firefly could be gone in a flash

The Bethany Beach Firefly is a native bug to Bethany Beach, Delaware. The construction around the beach has destroyed a lot of its natural habitat and the population is decreasing. It is currently at risk of extinction and under review to be recognized as federally endangered.

Opinion: My experience taking EGGG101 as a non-engineering major

While UNIV101 is a university right of passage, EGGG101 is the engineering-major alternative course. Beth Wojciechowski, a non-engineering major, shares her opinion and experiences of taking EGGG101