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Open letter from faculty and student administrations

Never-the-less, because of the record infection rates, the number of breakthrough cases, and the news of low efficacy of the common cloth face masks during multi-hour interactions like a winter course, we are extremely worried that a decision was made to return to the classroom this week instead of maintaining a remote teaching modality.

Letter to the Editor: Not one more

We, the 350 students of University of Delaware and members of the greater community who signed this petition, are outraged at the university’s mishandling of incidents of gender based violence.

Editorial: Mental health strains & resources in a not-so-normal semester

If the university cannot support our health during this time — physically and mentally — then it is failing to meet the basic needs of its students.

Opinion: Do university mental health services really care?

I pay the university $804 per year for services that may not be adequate when I need them.

Opinion: Delaware’s Missing In Action Report — Vietnam

The acronym POW/MIA stands for Prisoner of War/Missing in Action, but to the family members of Missing in Action service members, it means their loved ones still have not returned from war.

Letter from the editors: A look inside the Justice Issue

We aim for our articles to help you think more deeply about what justice means to you, how it develops at the university and in our community and how we can all bring about change in our world.

Editorial: “Where Is Dennis?”

"Where is Dennis?"

Opinion: The university needs new leadership

It is shameful that the administration has wasted opportunity after opportunity to create meaningful change in environmental justice, anti-racism and domestic violence.

Opinion: Why performative environmentalism is harmful

Performative environmentalism emphasizes small, individual actions, diminishing interest in larger societal or governmental changes.

Opinion: Social media is a catalyst for justice

As a woman on this campus, it’s times like these where I’m thankful for the existence of social media.

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