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Monday, July 4, 2022
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Letters from the Editors

From Mia Gallo, Executive Editor: From the minute Rory Gilmore of “Gilmore Girls” graced my screen, I knew I had discovered a passion that would...

Opinion: A digital generation

What happens when work, education and social activities all migrate to an online platform? Has convenience gone too far? 

Opinion: My rollercoaster of a first-year experience

Looking at this year’s graduating class fills me with glee, and I’m very excited to continue my journey toward graduation.

Editorial: Make scheduling more sustainable

Burnout runs rampant on college campuses due to the busy and seemingly never-ending schedules of students. So, what is the solution?

Opinion: The problem with pornography

There is a sick fascination with women appearing underage, women being assaulted, and women participating in incestual relationships in porn.

Opinion: Kentaji Brown Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearings were undeniably racist

These hearings for the historic confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice were unfortunately afflicted with microaggressions and outright racism.

Opinion: “Gender inclusive” language is often unfair to women

This nebulous language allows people to ignore the specific struggles faced by the female sex. Meanwhile, no one is getting confused or flustered when asked the definition of a man.

Opinion: The university’s failure to hear Deaf students

For many students at UD, the ASL club is their only way to learn more about sign language and as such develop their skills in ASL without the support of a curriculum that integrates Deaf experiences, history and topical debates.

Opinion: Why is UD so white?

The large gap between the amount of white students and students of other race/ethnicity groups shows that there is a lot of work to be done in order to make our campus a more diverse environment.

Opinion: Reproductive rights and abortion access

Not only will outlawing abortion not solve pressing problems, but it will also create new ones.

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