Saturday, April 20, 2024


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-Chief Konner Metz reflects on his final weeks at The Review.

Letter from the Executive Editor: Toodles

Executive Editor Nadya Ellerhorst reflects on her final weeks at The Review.

Editorial: The communication department is putting Band-Aids on bullet holes

Following a recent email sent out by the communication department, students have been left feeling unheard and inconvenienced by a raffle that awards students with guaranteed spots in department courses.

Opinion: Tweens should not have makeup routines

Today it is nearly impossible to walk into a Sephora without being surrounded by young girls excited to purchase the newest viral makeup. Should kids have skincare and makeup routines?

Opinion: The infrastructure on campus needs to be addressed

Sophomore public policy major Carson McClung argues for improvements to infrastructure around campus and Newark, including an increase of bike lanes and change in jaywalking punishments.

Opinion: Broken systems rob athletes of their Olympic moments

Many athletes want to become an Olympic champion at some point in their careers, but not in the way it happened for American figure skaters. Staff Reporter Alex Keating shares her thoughts on how the 2022 Olympics set a dangerous and disheartening precedent for cases of doping in sports.

Editorial: Newark’s people deserve transparency from university in wake of proposed per-student tax

With the Newark City Council passing a resolution of a “per student tax,” it makes its way to the state legislature. The resolution is further complicated by the actions of the university and reaction of students, who feel deprived of context and coordination for the entire situation.

Opinion: The university must consider expanding meal exchange hours for highly involved students

Though the university’s meal exchange program is useful to many, it fails to accommodate highly involved students. The university must reconsider the limitations of the current program and seek to provide every student with equal access to meal exchange, regardless of their schedules.

Opinion: Making friends on social media is not a necessity before college

Many flock to social media pages to find roommates and friends before entering college. However, it may not be worth the time, as true friends often emerge once you step on campus.

Opinion: CUSA move leaves ice sports out in the cold

The university's decision to join Conference USA marks the beginning of a two-year transition period, necessitating the addition of women's ice hockey to comply with Title IX regulations. This decision raises apprehensions among users of Delaware's ice arenas regarding the potential repercussions on the facilities.

Opinion: Will Florida’s social media ban solve anything?

Florida’s House of Representatives approved a strict legislation on social media: Kids under 16 will lose the option to use most platforms. As addictive as social media is, Staff Reporter Patty Harden questions if a ban is really the right thing to do in lieu of other strategies to keep younger ones safe in the world of social media.

Opinion: Stop overreacting to Newark’s student tax

Is $50 really worth complaining over? Even if your tuition would’ve gone towards paying it anyway? Staff Reporter James Kelly argues against student outrage over Newark’s proposed tax resolution.

Opinion: The university needs a unicyclist

Our campus has a serious lack of goofy people to add some humor and provide a break from our often monotonous daily routines. A unicyclist could solve that.

Opinion: We will not wait for the next school shooting

In an op-ed, students leaders across the country demonstrate shared concern in regards to gun violence on college campuses.