Monday, September 25, 2023


Editorial: UDPD’s graduation arrest shines a light on unfair policing on campus

The delay in revealing evidence after an innocent high schooler was arrested after graduation showcases concerning differences between what actually happened and what was initially reported by the UDPD, bringing about some important questions about students and their relationship with the UDPD on campus.

Editorial: The university’s messaging is missing the point

The university utilizes email newsletters to communicate with its students about important campus events, announcements and general information. Recently, these newsletters have been written in ways that stray from the university’s stated values of “diversity and inclusion” and “community.” The Review staff shares its response to these newsletters and the university’s tone-deafness, at times.

Gun violence is a terrible reality of our generation, and we need the university to protect us

Recent incidents of gun violence have highlighted the vulnerability of college campuses. The Review staff shares its response to the news and encourages the university to do more to protect its students.

Editorial: Does the university possess the infrastructure to evolve into a sports-centric institution?

How does the university presume they are going to become a more sports-centric institution if the current framework could not contain such a large percentage of the student population?

Editorial: The university needs to provide better housing for students

The inequity of university-provided housing needs to be addressed in a more timely manner, especially if the university insists on admitting such a large number of students.

Editorial: Make the Lil Bob more accessible

Going to the gym should be an option for every college student and the university should make it a simple task. Given the stress of college life, many students use exercise as an outlet or way to stay healthy.

Editorial: In a town with larger issues, Newark City Council is wasting its time on inflatable pools

It’s no secret that students aren’t fans of the police putting a stop to their fun, but the true problem lies in the fact that Newark faces more serious threats than frat parties. 

Editorial: Make scheduling more sustainable

Burnout runs rampant on college campuses due to the busy and seemingly never-ending schedules of students. So, what is the solution?

Editorial: Segregation by neglect

However, since the passage of landmark legislation such as the Civil Rights Act and Title IX, which prevent such discrimination, a new form of segregation has prevaded universities — something we call “segregation by neglect.”

Editorial: Daylight Saving ourselves some time to sleep

Fortunately enough, the U.S. senate recently passed a bill that would make daylight savings time permanent starting in 2023. So, it would appear that we may be at the end of the era of changing our clocks.

Editorial: We’re tired of Zoom. Honor that, professors. 

While the university needs to maintain COVID-19 safety measures in place, we believe that a robust educational experience at the university is still needlessly being hindered by the pandemic. 

Editorial: Assanis should put his money where his mouth is

It seems that the university administration needs to re-evaluate its moral responsibilities to its community, rethink where it is putting its money and reexamine its choice in leadership.

Editorial: Is the university’s COVID-19 response sufficient?

Although many are ready to say goodbye to the pandemic and move on, the university is taking measures to ensure the safety of students.

Editorial: Mental health strains & resources in a not-so-normal semester

If the university cannot support our health during this time — physically and mentally — then it is failing to meet the basic needs of its students.