Thursday, June 8, 2023


Editorial: The function of journalism in a divided world

We commit to maintaining a culture of objectivity in order to guarantee that we remain the reputable source of student journalism that we are today.

Editorial: Reflecting on how the university commemorates Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The Review reflects on the contributions of the university community, in commemoration of Indigenous People’s Day.

Editorial: Recent protests say more about student unity than university support

In light of the university’s lacking response, our student body is willing to stand together for what is right.

Editorial: It is time to break the silence surrounding Greek life

We encourage our university community to speak up about Greek life, and we offer our pages as a platform to do so.

Editorial: Students struggle with mix of in-person and online classes

Due to the mix of in-person and online classes, students struggle to make it to class.

Editorial: Dear students, now is STILL not the time to party

With the new development in vaccines and student readmittance to in-person learning, is “normal” partying on the horizon?

Editorial: Someday things will be different, but for now, campus COVID-19 protocols stay rightly in place

The Review commends the university’s decision to keep mask mandates and physical distancing protocols in place.

Editorial: When it comes to mental health, the university should put their money where their mouth is

If the university really wants to promote mental health and wellbeing on our campus, it is time for them to act

Editorial: It may be time to rethink how we deal with the anxieties of in-person learning

Returning to the anxieties of in-person classes and exams could be a big jump.

Editorial: The university should require COVID-19 vaccinations

The university should make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory for students.

Editorial: Newark needs to step up to help its homeless population

The homeless population of Newark occupies very little of the city’s attention.

Editorial: How safe are local bars?

Main Street bars have become environments where COVID-19 can run rampant.

Editorial: Rethinking the “college experience” in the shadow of COVID

When thinking about the American college experience, parties, fraternities, booze and nonexistent parental oversight might come to mind — with classes and academics as a mere afterthought.