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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Letter From the Editor

Letter from the Editor: To students, fill out sexual assault survey

A letter from editors of The Review encouraging students to answer survey on sexual assault issued by university.

Letter from the Editors: On discontinuing "Lady Hens"

A recent Letter to the Editor has prompted the discontinuation of term Lady Hens when writing about women's sports teams.

Letter to the Editor: 'Lady Hens' an antiquated and sexist term

2012 graduate James Wiles writes a letter to the editor in regard to the term "Lady Hens" used by The Review.

Letter from the editor: Friend’s death a reminder of life’s impermanence

Cady Zuvich, the executive editor, shares her thoughts and memories on the passing of good friend and university student Enoch Lee, a Newark High School graduate and Christiana Hospital volunteer.

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